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This page last updated 2 January 2000
Anglicans Online last updated 2 January 2000

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Week of 2 January 2000

Epiphany Resources
Ideas and links for Twelfth Night and Epiphany.

Australia and New Zealand
Diocese of Northwest Australia --

South Australia, Parish of O'Halloran Hill (The Murray) --

Australian Anglicanism: The parish church of St Peter's Eastern Hill (Diocese of Melbourne) has added to its web site a section called 'Australian Anglicanism', whose purpose is 'to offer carefully researched presentations on a variety of issues pertaining not only to St Peter's but to the wider Australian Anglican experience.' --

Books, etc.
Richard Hooker: A web site by his most recent biographer, Dr Richard Secor. Have a look at the Hooker Primer or find out how you can have Richard Hooker visit your parish.
-- (Like to sample some of the best of Hooker? See

Internet Christian Bookshop: 'iCB is staffed by volunteers and uses donated computer software and internet services. iCB gives all its operating profits to The Childrens Society, an executive charity of the Church of England, and Tearfund, a christian charity that works with the world's poor'. --

Church History
Saint George in English History: origin, influence and significance --

News Centre
The world is still here, and computers still work. Imagine that. Despite earlier threats to boycott, the AB of C led the crowd at the Millennium dome in the Lord's Prayer, which many of them knew. The Telegraph and the BBC both report, separately, on the state of Christianity in Britain. No second coming at Rosslyn chapel. Much fuss in Australia over giving government money to church groups to help the unemployed. England didn't burn down because the candles wouldn't fit through the mail slots. The Most Revd Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye retires. Silent church bells. St Swithun's cathedral gets some new-found respect. Archbishop tells Kenyans that they face extinction from AIDS unless they mend their ways. The Prince of Wales confesses his faith on BBC Radio, and Ruth Gledhill listened. This just a day or two after the Archbishop of York took a public stand that a person in the Prince's position ought to be able to be king even if he marries a Roman Catholic, which we hear he, a widower, is considering. A Yorkshire parish finds a Y2K moneymaker. Email from a priest in Australia to a priest in England triggers a chain of events that finds long-lost treasure for a parish.

Social Justice, Environment
'Peace Poles' --

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
Georgeham and Croyde (Exeter) --
Lichfield, St Chad --

Diocese of Western Massachusetts --

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Todos os Santos (Rio de Janeiro) --

Japan: Yonezawa, St. John (Tohoku) -- (in Japanese and English)

Week of 26 December 1999

Christmas Resources
'Slightly more than two millennia ago, in the night sky over a small hill town south of Jerusalem, something happened, or didn't, and whatever it was, or wasn't, was an honest-to-God miracle, or a naturally occurring astronomical phenomenon, or neither, or both. Discuss'. Thus begins the Lingua Franca review of two new books on the Star of Bethelem. Well worth reading. --

New Brunswick: Fredericton, Christ Church Cathedral (Fredericton) --

London: Spring 2000, Programme for Modern Religious History Seminar All welcome. Mondays at 5.15 in the Ecclesiastical History Room, IHR, Senate House, followed by drink and an informal meal. More information: Arthur Burns, Lecturer in Modern British History, King's College London, Tel: +171 848 1087; email

10 January 2000 Kester Aspden (Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge) 'The English Catholic Bishops and Politics. 1903-43'
24 January 2000 Keith Edghill (University College London) 'Early 19th Century Christian Pacifists and the Concept of Defensive War'
7 February 2000 Nigel Aston (University of Luton) 'Popery, Philosophes and Politics: Evolving Anglican perspectives on Gallicanism, 1740-90'
21 February 2000 Erik Sidenvall (University of Lund) 'Newspaper anti-Catholicism: the English Conservative press and John Henry Newman's conversion, 1845-1846'

California: Pasadena, 23-25 March 2000: The Society of Christian Philosophers Conference at Fuller Theological Seminary. -- (For more info about the SCP see

Maryland: Baltimore, 25 March 2000, a day conference on the latest ARCIC document: 'The Gift of Authority': Gift or Gift Horse? --

Oregon: Corvallis (Oregon State University), 11-12 February 2000: 'God at 2000'. Seven internationally-known speakers, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Karen Armstrong, and Marcus Borg, will discuss 'How I see God' during the nationally-televised symposium. --

Guilds, Associations, Ministries
Community of Aidan and Hilda East Anglia Group: 'For the healing of the land through children, women and men who draw inspiration from the Celtic Saints'. --

News Centre
Church looks down its nose at cross-carrying competition. AB of York comes out against the Act of Settlement. AB of Canterbury teams up with Murdoch tabloid to spread the good news. Also attacks scientific explanations of natural phenomena. HM the Queen releases her Christmas message. A.N. Wilson writes about 'Who was the real Jesus?' The Guardian asks who should pay for church buildings now that nobody uses them any more. The Times writes about Midnight Mass and interviews Jerry Hall. The Telegraph interviews the Bishop of Durham. St Alban's Cathedral choir has girls now. The millennium won't be over for another year, but nobody cares; they will party anyhow. A rare burst of religious articles in Australian newspapers. The Times asks C of E bishops to celebrate the millennium by dressing down. The Independent notes a mini-revival of religious interest on the BBC, but loses its religious correspondent anyhow. An American rabbi wins England's Preacher of the Year contest. An Anglican church in South Africa sells its land and applies for a casino licence. All this, and (gasp) more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
The Christian Episcopal Church of Canada --

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
Parishes (England)
Oxford, St Clement (Oxford) --
Plymouth, St Andrew (Exeter) --

Aberdeen: St Andrew's Cathedral (Aberdeen and Orkney) --

Whitland, St Mary (St Davids) --

California: Atwater, St Nicholas' Mission (Northern California) --
California: Cameron Park, Faith (Northern California) --
California: Carmichael, St Michael (Northern California) --
California: Clovis, Church of the Resurrection(Northern California) --
California: Danville, St Timothy (Northern California) --
California: Davis, St Martin (Northern California) --
California: Folsom, Trinity (Northern California) --
California: Kenwood, St Patrick (Northern California) --
California: Manteca, St Mary(Northern California) --
California: Napa, St Mary (Northern California) --
California: Nevada City, Trinity (Northern California) --

Missouri: Kansas City, All Saints (West Missouri) --
Missouri: Kansas City, Holy Spirit (West Missouri) --

New Hampshire: New London, St Andrew (New Hampshire) --

Tennessee: Harriman, St Andrew (East Tennessee) --

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