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Hallo again to all.

This week our own Brian Reid is featured in a Church of England Newspaper profile (Cynthia rushes in with this text bite before Reid can modestly prevent it...). Brian reflects particularly on issues concerning the church and the internet, and many of our readers will enjoy his commentary. Please do note that when Brian is described as reading 'John Hooker', he of course was referring to Anglicanism's own Richard Hooker and not the undoubtedly charming and popular Australian author John Hooker. Many's the slip between key and lip ...

Cover of Dr Carey's bookStaying with literary matters for the moment, we're delighted to see that the Archbishop of Canterbury's latest book, Jesus 2000, is available in its entirety as a free download. (This requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader: if you don't have it, get it here.)

The News Centre this week includes, among many other stories, the Prince of Wales calling the Millennium Dome "blancmange" and a suggestion to cancel this year's ECUSA General Convention.

If you are aware of the organisation? movement? concept? network Sea of Faith you are probably either solidly in favour of its premises or deeply disturbed by them. Sea of Faith began in the 1980s in the UK, its genesis being a BBC telly series 'which Boat sailing on the Sea of Faithexamined the decline of institutional religion and asked what might replace it in our complex postmodern world, where the certainties of scriptures, clerical hierarchies and supernatural underpinnings no longer make sense'. Whether you agree or not, you probably want to be aware of Sea of Faith. And if you thought the SOF folk were a dry, academic, pomo*, humourless lot, you might enjoy the section of the site devoted to lighthearted bits. We rather liked 'Why God Never Received Tenure at any University'.

Chester Cathedral at nightWe welcome two cathedrals this week: the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Diocese of Chester and the Cathedral of St Philip, in the Diocese of Atlanta. We quite agree with Ruth Gledhill than cathedrals are far more interesting (and cost accountable) than domes. See our News Centre for more on the 'monstrous blancmange'.

A good friend in Japan (hi Yoshi!) has sent notice of web sites for several parishes and a Japanese Anglican religious order. Some of the sites are in St Anne's in Annapolis, Maryland both English and Japanese, and some are Japanese only. Popping back over to the States, St Anne's, Annapolis, Maryland, is one of America's oldest extant parishes, with origins to 1692. Do be prepared for the tolling bells on the home page. (Reassurance: they stop after four rounds.) See all our new parishes in New This Week.

An alert reader drew to our attention the fact that the domain name 'www.rebornchristian.com' is on offer at the auction site eBay. Whilst we found its starting price of USD 100,000 far more dear than its allure, it reminded us of the charming essay by Simon Jenkins in the Church Times on the state of biblical domains. If you were wondering whether nehemiah.com was taken, you'll get the complete overview there.

See you next week.

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