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Hallo again to all. A fresco showing an episode in the life of St Augustine.

The Internet brings with it the potential to make the concept of 'out of print', well, outdated. A case in point is the new Internet edition of 'The Confessions of Saint Augustine'. In 1992, the Clarendon Press Oxford published James J. O'Donnell's three volumes of introduction, text, and commentary; the set sold for about USD 300, eventually going out of print. The entire work is now available on the Net, including the complete Latin text of the Confessions, a detailed scholarly line-by-line commentary on the text, and a lengthy interpretative introduction. Tolle et lege! ('Tolle' being interpreted loosely...)

The same happy phenomenon of oudating out of print is occurring at the site called Project Canterbury, where some of the best-known but long-unavailable Anglo-Catholic and Oxford Movement-related texts are now being scanned and uploaded. We note this week the appearance of '"The High Church Schism: Four Lectures on the Nonjurors," by JWC Wand, Bishop of London. Bishop Wand's short introduction to the Nonjurors ... Published in 1950, the text comes from London Diocesan Lenten A detail of an engraving of Olier Cromwell.Lectures during Wand's episcopate, and is very readable'. The nonjurors were a remarkable group, and if you don't know much about them, this is a good way to begin the acquaintance.

The remarkable 1644 'Directory for the Publique Worship of God', the document which replaced the Book of Common Prayer duringA detail of a painting of King Chales the First of England.  the Commonwealth, is now online. You might like to skim what Cromwell favoured over the BCP. It's only fair now to juxtapose King Charles the First, whose martyrdom, once commemorated in the Book of Common Prayer, is traditionally observed on 30 January*. Project Canterbury has assembled a number of links to the liturgies and prayers associated with this quondam official holy day.

In addition to being able to read obscure texts, one can find well regarded magazines putting up portions of their An image of Sojourners magazine cover.issues on the Net. A new (to us) site is Sojourners magazine, which has long appealed to readers concerned with social justice issues in the church.

One of your editors is unduly delighted at this site for learning Greek on the Internet. If you've ever considered tackling Koine Greek, start here. The Greek for In the beginning was the Word.It's a super site hosted at the University of North Carolina in the States.

This week we welcome a plethora of parishes from Japan, an unofficial page for the Diocese of Kobe, and a most interesting site for Holy Trinity Cathedral in Montevideo, Uruguay. You can find all these in our New This Week section.

Our usual weekly round-up of world news about, by, and of interest to Anglicans is in its usual spot the News Centre. Read about remarriage in England, a million-dollar treasure find in a church in Massachusetts, an ancient church ready to fall into the sea, and much much more. And our Anglicans Online search engine can now search the web sites of five national churches as well as the AO site itself. If you haven't tried AO Search, you really should.

We continue to be grateful for your readership; it's what keeps us able to do this every week through thick and thin. Do tell your friends about Anglicans Online.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
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*A correspondent notes that the feast day was restored in the ASB (Alternative Service Book) in 1980 and remains in the 1998 Common Worship calendar.

Last updated: 23 January 2000
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