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This page last updated 30 January 2000
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

New This Week

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Week of 30 January 2000

British Columbia: Creston, Christ Church --

Newspapers Online
The Australian Church Record --

News Centre
Australia prepares to elect a new primate. Please hurry: we need archbishops with good sense in that part of the world. Britain argues about homosexuality and law, but we don't cover the story because we think it's British national news and not Anglican news. Primates from Singapore and Rwanda consecrate two Americans as bishops, presumably to send to the USA to create schism. We have extensive coverage of this. More on the Wee Frees, including some commentary on just how wee they are. Bishop of Wakefield writes a Credo. British government suggests that the church could do more to help the homeless. ("... after all, aren't those churches mostly empty these days?") Ruth Gledhill writes about an ancient clock at St Albans. A new issue of Beowulf on CD ROM. A new book about the Church of England, which we will call "major" at least until we've had a chance to read it. England continues to writhe over the issue of divorcees remarrying in church. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
English parishes
Georgeham: St George and Croyde, St Mary Magdalene (Exeter) --
Rushden: Whitefriars Church, within the parish of Rushden (Peterborough) --
Wilbarston, All Saints (Peterborough) --

Welsh Churches' National Assembly Centre: A bilingual site that seeks to provide up to date information to the churches concerning the National Assembly for Wales. --

California: Los Angeles, St Mary Palms (Los Angeles) --
Michigan: Traverse City, Grace (Western Michigan) --
Nebraska: Omaha, St Andrew (Nebraska) --
New York: New York City (Greenwich Village), St Luke in the Fields (New York) --
Rhode Island: Providence, S. Stephen (Rhode Island) --

Episcopal Student Ministry at Penn State University --

Week of 23 January 2000

Biblical Study and Criticism
Learning New Testament and Septuagint Greek: Tips, online tutorials, advice, and resources for learning biblical Greek. --

Books, Magazines, etc.
Augustine, Confessions: An Internet edition of a substantial work of scholarship, coinciding with availability of a paper reprint edition. In 1992, the Clarendon Press published James J. O'Donnell's three volumes of introduction, text, and commentary; the work sold for roughly USD 300 and eventually went out of print. The entire work is now available on the Internet free of charge. The work provides a complete Latin text of the Confessions, a detailed scholarly commentary on the text line-by-line, and a lengthy interpretive introduction,, the most accessible part of the book to Latinless readers. --

Sojourners magazine: 'Rooted in the solid ground of prophetic biblical tradition, Sojourners is a progressive Christian voice that preaches not political correctness but compassion, community, and commitment'. --

Church History
Text of the 1644 'Directory for the Publique Worship of God', the document which replaced the Book of Common Prayer during the Commonwealth. --

Counselling and Related Resources
The Institute for the Study of Spirituality and Trauma: 'Of interest to anyone ministering as a chaplain and/or in response to disaster, life-threatening experiences, mass casualty events, trauma, "critical incident stress management," etc. It includes information about "Trauma Pastoral Care", a model for ministry in the special circumstances of acute pastoral care and ministry of presence with victims and their care givers'. --

Guilds, Associations, Ministries
Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary: An association (based in England) of altar servers whose objectives are to raise the spiritual tone of servers. --

The Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music: 'Aims to digitise and enhance images of fragmentary British manuscripts of medieval polyphonic music'. --

News Centre
Church of England closer to allowing remarriages. British police stop/search a black bishop. Schism in the Free Church of Scotland tests quantum theory. Times readers raise money for St Ethelburga Centre. Guardian interviews a controversial activist. Ruth Gledhill on St Peter's Vere St. Martyn Percy on religious themes in advertising. Great thrashing about separation of church and state in Britain, and an amusing sidebar about same in Massachusetts. SIECUS releases a report certain to rouse strong feelings. Online confessions, wildly successful fundraising, better attendance at cathedrals. One of the oldest Christian edifices in the world in danger of falling into the sea. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Odd and Ends
A liturgical calendar: 'calculates the date of Easter for current year, calculates the moveable feasts depending upon Easter's date, calculates the current liturgical season and displays the appropriate liturgical colors for the season'. --

Theological Resources
A Portrait of Jesus: From Galilean Jew to the Face of God: 'The Christian faith is a historical faith which emerged from a historical person: Jesus of Nazareth. History has always informed the Christian faith -- creeds, councils, and developing traditions over the centuries have led to present day belief systems. This study takes a step further back in history to learn more about the historical Jesus'. The site is based on the work of Marcus Borg, 'scholar, Christian, and author, who uses the terms "pre-Easter Jesus" to talk about the Jesus of history and "post-Easter Jesus" to talk about the Christ of faith'. --

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
The National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education, founded in 1811, established Church of England schools throughout the country. The main web site ( has general resources and information. A companion subscription web site, specifically for church schools, has launched, with 'resources and features on Church school issues; regular features from Church schools with headteachers and teachers giving practical advice in both primary and secondary situations; legal and management information for governors, headteachers and teachers; and RE and Collective Worship resources'. --

California: Novato, St Francis (El Camino Real) --
Florida: Boca Raton, St Gregory (Southeast Florida) --
Rhode Island: Providence, St Stephen (Rhode Island) --
Tennessee: Nashville, St Ann (Tennessee) -- ('After being leveled by a tornado in 1998, St Ann's broke ground for its new and renovated buildings on New Year's Eve 1999'.)

Japan: Fukui, Holy Trinity (Kyoto) -- (in Japanese)
Japan: Nara, Christ Church (Kyoto) -- (in Japanese)
Japan: Okayama, St Augustine (Kobe) -- (in Japanese)
Japan: Tokuyama, St Mary (Kobe) -- (in Japanese, with a bit of English)
Japan: Yokohama, St Christopher (Yokohama) -- (in Japanese)
Japan: Yokohama, Yamate Seikokai (Yokohama) -- (in Japanese)

Japan: Diocese of Kobe (unofficial) -- (in Japanese)

Uruguay: Montevideo, Most Holy Trinity Cathedral (Uruguay) --

Week of 16 January 2000

Anglicans Online Publicity
A feature article on our own Brian Reid in the current issue of the Church of England Newspaper. --

Book, Journals, etc.
'Jesus 2000': The Archbishop of Canterbury's new book is available to download in PDF format, at no cost. --

'Prepare the Way with Posters', a small book by an Anglican in the UK, who comments that it focusses on 'what posters are and why your church needs them'. --

Church Administration
Partners for Sacred Spaces: Founded in 1989, Partners for Sacred Places is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation devoted to the care and use of older and historic religious properties. --

SNOW-Canada, a new mailing list overseen by the Reverend June Maffin, 'primarily to help link Canadian ordained Anglican women (deacons, bishops, priests) ... also a place for those who support the ordination of women, to show that support'. --

USA: The Evergreen Church Music Conference, 24-30 July 2000
'Begun in 1906 by Canon Winfred Douglas, the 94th annual gathering will mark the end of an era of church music, as it will be the last conference. Included in the list of those who have been a part of this historic conference are Leo Sowerby, Alec Wyton, Peter Hallock, Richard Proulx, Marilyn Keiser, and about any other name who has made any kind of lasting contribution over the last 100 years to Anglican music in America. For more information, contact John Repulski, conference coordinator.

Bradley Sowash, pianist: a highly-regarded musician ('One of the best solo piano albums of 1999" ... as heard on NPR's "Morning Edition."') often found at Anglican churches. Find out why: --

News Centre
The God Channel fined. The pesky year-before-Millennium dome just won't stay out of the news, even when Prince Charles gets angry upon seeing it. Time to put poetry back into God's language. The ECUSA has a major crisis about its General Convention (come on, just cancel it and spend the money on your web site instead). Various world primates slap Frank Griswold. Lutherans wriggle about the Concordat. Desmond Tutu preaches another great sermon. Bishop Spong about to retire. Church attendance figures rise if you count people who attend once a year. England plans to double the number of Church of England schools. Another great bishop dies (do they make them like they used to? We think so). Parliament of World Religions meets and is reported upon. Quebec creates a French-speaking Anglican parish. Lorem Ipsum. More news about the Scottish nun in trouble with church authorities. BBC takes heat for cutting back its religious programming. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Odds and Ends
'Monastery Greetings', a web site featuring products made exclusively by monasteries, religious communities, and hermitages.--

Religious Orders
The Order of the Grace of God (Shin'ai Shujo Kai), Wakayama, Japan -- (in Japanese only)

Sea of Faith: 'Sea of Faith had its small beginnings in the 1980s, in the wake of a BBC television series which examined the decline of institutional religion and asked what might replace it in our complex postmodern world, where the certainties of scriptures, clerical hierarchies and supernatural underpinnings no longer make sense'. --

UK, Ireland, Scotland, and Europe
Chester, Diocese of Chester: Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary --

English parishes
Christleton: St James (Chester) --
Clifton: St Paul (Bristol) --

Atlanta, Diocese of Atlanta: Cathedral of St Phillip --

Connecticut: Stamford, St Francis (Connecticut) --
Illinois: Highland Park, Trinity (Chicago) --
Maryland: Annapolis, St Anne (Maryland) --
New York: Schenectady, Christ Church (Albany) --
Rhode Island: Lincoln, Christ Church in Lonsdale (Rhode Island) --
Texas: Baytown, Trinity (Texas) --
Utah: Provo, St Mary (Utah) --

Japan: Matsumoto, Holy Cross (Chubu) -- (in Japanese)
Japan: Naoetsu, Joetsu, Holy Sophia Church (Chubu) -- (in English)
Japan: Takada, Joetsu, Advent Church (Chubu) -- (in English)

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