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Hallo again to all.

A portrait of Archbishop Warham
Abp William Warham
(by Holbein)

A few weeks ago we posted an enquiry about the fate of England's Warham Guild and several kind readers emailed us with information. The Anglican Biblopole's Paul Evans offered to send us a copy of a brief history and bibliography they published in 1987 and we're delighted to republish it here at Anglicans Online. We've also made it available in PDF format (A4 and US letter-sized) in case you care to print it. Thanks so much, Paul.

Much attention continues to be focused on the consecrations of two ECUSA priests in Singapore some weeks ago. We have been updating our News Centre daily, as stories come to our attention. The rate of new material is slowing; next week we will likely write a summary of all of the material, organized differently than the breathless "this just in" that we have now. We do have one request of our readers. Anglicans Online believes that, whenever possible, we should give our readers direct access to primary source material. We have been hearing stories of the existence of a video tape of the Singapore consecrations. If such a tape exists, we would very much like to have a copy of it so that we can digitise it and make that digital video available on our web site for all to see. Should you have a copy of the tape that you would be willing to send us, please send us some email and we'll work out how best to do it.

A stack of hot pancakesLent is, well, not far off. But of course pancakes, in all their varieties, make an appearance on Shrove Tuesday, just before Lent begins. Christ Church in Woodbury, Minnesota, claims to be the home of The Best Anglican Pancakes. For their Pancake Festival on 4 March, the parish is requesting recipes from other churches in the Communion, adding: 'We hope to present pancakes from several recipes to an independent panel of judges for their evaluation and comments'. Recipes to: christchurch@usfamily.net. The parish is also interested in Shrove Tuesday traditions of other parishes, and will be publishing both the recipes and traditions as part of the parish's 150th anniversary year celebrations. You can indicate if you'd like a copy.

The Diocese of New York is looking for a Director of Communication and asked us to help publicise the position opening. You can find a description here. We also understand that the Diocese of London is seeking a person to fill a similar position, but we've not found an online description. You could check the diocesan web site for contact information, if you care to enquire further.

There is other news in the News Centre this week, besides Singapore Stuff, but mostly we think that the newsmakers of the Anglican world are resting after two weeks of furor. And for all our new listings, as usual, see New This Week. 

And, as usual, we'll see you next week.

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Last updated: 13 February 2000
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