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Hallo again to all.

In a general-interest secular newspaper or magazine, there are so many threads, so many activities, so many different ideas, that any sort of pattern or rhythm to them is lost in the aggregation. The ebb and flow of activity in one arena is usually masked by the flow and ebb of activity in another. But Anglicans Online intentionally limits itself to things Anglican. In the grand scheme of things this is a very narrow focus, which means that the natural cycles of excitement and reflection are much more evident.

A rope hammockFor several weeks now the Anglican world has been agitated by issues of authority and its relation to the historic bases of scripture, tradition, and reason. The two commanding events were the outside-conventional-authority consecration of two bishops in Singapore and the election in Australia of a primate whose theological stance, especially on the subject of lay presidency, differs notably from that of the largest and best-known diocese in Australia. (Both of these occurrences are listed in the News Centre, should you have missed them). Almost no other current Anglican-related events were reported in that time. This week, in rebound, there is a torrent of Anglican news items from the usual major sources. Our News Centre lists what we believe to be of global interest, but it also tells you our sources, so you can, should you wish, peruse any news source we did.

a fishing net being repairedThe Main Event, as it were, will be the Primates meeting in Portugal next month. We hope and pray that this meeting will lead to unity and not schism, and that it will be a time of mending rather than a time of rending. Much of the newsworthy Anglican activity between now and then quite likely will be related to the kind of politicking and posturing that always occurs before global meetings of powerful people who disagree one with another. We'll do our best to report facts and let you decide for yourself whether any particular event is politicking or posturing.

Speaking of posturing, we are in a rather penitent one since we've in some way managed to avoid noticing or listing the web site of The Ecclesiological Society. It seems to have been online for more than a year. 'The society for those who love churches', the web site proclaims justly and goes on to say 'Our site provides picture essays, links to interesting church sites, research tools and details of related organisations, [and] events related to churches'. It has a fabulous collection of links relating to church architecture, furnishing, and liturgy.

We welcome this week to our pages the Diocese of Egypt, and wonder aloud whatever has happened to the web sites of the Diocese of Bradford and the Diocese of Oxford, both of which have gone missing this Sunday night. We trust that someone will let us know what ever is the matter and that perhaps some other someone will get them back online as soon as possible.

two tin cans and a stringThe ECUSA is advertising for a Director of Communications. This position could matter a great deal to Anglicans Online and its readers; if that church hires a person who knows something about the Internet, the interactions between ECUSA and the online world could change considerably. We note that the advert lists 'the Internet' dead last in the list of desired qualifications, and the application instructions say 'Replies can be accepted only via fax ... or by mail.... Please, no e-mails', so we aren't, er, holding our breath.

Finally, we note that the Diocese of Vermont (ECUSA) is looking for a bishop. We can't seem to find a copy of the search committee's letter on their web page, but we found one on Louie Crew's web site.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 20 February 2000
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