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Hallo again to all.

Today's edition of Anglicans Online seems to have a theme of 'bishops'. The Diocese of Atlanta did not consecrate its elected bishop. The Diocese of Panama did not elect a bishop. An English crozier from the middle agesThe Diocese of Barbados is making the election process open to the public in an unprecedented manner. The Diocese of Nassau elected a new Bishop Suffragan. A bishop of Salisbury, 65 years ago, made an intriguing request of the British government. The Bishop of Edinburgh puts up bail money for Afghan hostages. The newly-elected [Arch] Bishop of Melbourne breaks years of silence and takes public stands that oppose those of his former diocese. The Church in Wales enthroned a new primate, who is of course a bishop. And, though it matters more to us than to you, Cynthia attended a reception to meet her new assisting bishop today* and Brian's diocesan bishop today made his regular episcopal visit to Brian's parish. Simon, our UK-Europe correspondent, reports that his Sunday was entirely without bishops, but that he'd had quite enough of them at last week's Synod. What the 'ek? Most of these stories are in this week's News Centre.

News ages, to become either oblivion or history. Today as part of our regular update process we rolled our news coverage of the Singapore consecrations out of the News Centre and into our archive section. We archived our chronological coverage, just as it appeared in the News Centre, but we also wrote a report about the event, whose purpose is to be a historical record of primary news sources.

Ruins of the early Christian basilica in Thuburbo Majus, Tunisia

We hope that as years pass we can accumulate an Anglican library of such primary material for major events (trusting, of course, that we are able to detect that an event is major while it is happening). Most online newspapers keep their stories online just for a couple of weeks and most diocesan web sites seem not to keep permanent archives of their stories, letters, and press releases. We make periodic backups of Anglicans Online onto DAT tape and CD ROM and store these in a cellar. Perhaps someday they will be useful.

Newspapers yellow, churches crumble, time passes, seasons turn. This week the church enters the forty days of Lent through the solemn gates of Ash Wednesday. May we all have a holy, thoughtful, and costly Lent.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland's signature
  Brian Reid's signature
Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

*Her first Sunday afternoon away from work at Anglicans Online since September 1997 (she notes somewhat incredulously), when she began as managing editor.

Last updated: 5 March 2000
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