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A fragment of a Dead Sea scrollHallo again to all.

If our theme last week was 'bishops', this week our theme is, well, missing. There are a number of fascinating new links (all gathered as usual in New This Week), but no underlying thematic unity is immediately obvious.

In no particular order: you can see the Dead Sea Scrolls in Chicago and if you're in York, England in July, book a seat in York Minster St Peter's Oxborough to view a new production of the ancient mystery plays. You can tour the States by checking out a bevy of new parish web sites. If you'd like to review one person's idea of the best churches in England, Simon Jenkins* is your man. Author of the recent book 'England's Thousand Best Churches', a number of his choices are included on Country Life magazine's web site.

Speaking of magazines, 'Spirituality and Health' is a new dead-tree magazine with substantial excerpts on its web site. Underwritten and largely staffed by Trinity Church Wall Street people, we suspect you'll either see it as refreshing or disparage it as trendy new age. (We actually liked the FAQ best.)

The biggest news stories this week are bigger than just Anglicanism. Cardinal  BiffiThe Dead Sea Scrolls. The art exhibit 'Picture the power and the glory'. The Pope visiting Israel. Yes, the Pope is not Anglican, nor (according to news items this A vegetable, such as consumed by vegetariansweek) a vegetarian, but in some contexts he is quite able to speak for all Christians. Your homework this week is to find (using our search engine) the ARCIC document 'The Gift of Authority' and read it, or at least the introduction to it, and think about that in the context of being a vegetarian today.

We're delighted this week to introduce (or reintroduce) the Reverend Pierre Whalon to our readers. Fr Whalon is a priest of the Episcopal Church in the USA and he'll be contributing essays regularly for Anglicans Online. In his new article this week he looks at the virtues of the middle in 'The Centrist Moment'. (And being centrist, you'll see, doesn't mean being a member of the Church of Laodicea ...)

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland's signature
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Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

*The real Simon Jenkins is doubtless far too busy with Ship of Fools to be popping in and out of churches like this.

Last updated: 12 March 2000
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