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Hallo again to all.

This week the primates of the various provinces of the Anglican Communion are meeting in Portugal, in the town of Oporto. We at Anglicans Online join the many A courtyard in old Oporto. Portugal.people around the world who are praying for a beneficial outcome of that meeting. The Church Times reports that those in attendance are likely to downplay the magnitude of the challenge posed by the Singapore consecrations.

The issues of authority and jurisdiction of course loom large at this time. We bring to your attention several articles that treat those thorny issues. L. William Countryman writes on 'Anglicanism's entangled sense of authority: a tradition that allows for great disagreement' and Ian Douglas, a member of the faculty at Episcopal Divinity School (Cambridge, Massachusetts) offers 'Authority after colonialism,' beginning his article this way: 'Even to the casual observer, Lambeth 1998 was not the garden party of yesteryears. For the first time, Anglicans in the industrialised West had to wrestle deeply with the reality that the Anglican Communion is no longer a Christian community primarily identified with Anglo-American culture.'A bishop's mitre.

The Reverend Mark Harris, an ECUSA priest in the Diocese of Delaware, in '"No Jurisdiction in This Realm": On the matter of intervention and autonomy in the Anglican Communion' tackles the problems inherent in a more unified federation of provinces and national churches.

And in The Living Church is 'Ecclesiastical rules for fair fighting', which offers guidelines for creating a climate for reasonable discussion--whether at the parish or primate level.

At the diocesan level, we welcome this week new web sites for the Diocese of Indianapolis (ECUSA) and the Diocese of Machakos (Kenya). And all our new links are in New This Week, as usual.

This season of Lent is a period of preparation, of making ready, and the Anglican world (at least as we receive it here) is silent. We won't say 'oddly silent' because we don't think it's odd at all to be more or less silent during Lent. But there is a noticeable decrease in new links. (Perhaps Lent is a good time for those of you with no parish or diocesan web site to begin making one?)

See you next week, at which time we shall report on the Primates meeting in Portugal. If something really newsworthy happens, we'll publish a midweek edition.

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