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28 March update

The primates meeting in Oporto has ended and they have issued a 'final communiqué', which says in part:

'We believe that the unity of the Communion as a whole still rests on the Lambeth Quadrilateral: the Holy Scriptures as the rule and standard of faith; the creeds of the undivided Church; the two Sacraments ordained by Christ himself and the historic episcopate. Only a formal and public repudiation of this would place a diocese or Province outside the Anglican Communion'.

Hallo again to all.

Often we talk about the 'Anglican Communion'. But what is it? What ultimately holds us together? Why are we one church with a few fringes rather than dozens or even hundreds of churches, each The primates in Oportodefining its own fringe? That unity, from common tradition and common belief, would seem to be part of what makes us uniquely Anglican. Much of what is occurring (we presume) in Oporto, Portugal as our Anglican primates meet surely hinges on an agreed definition just what our communion is.

One way to find out what the Anglican Communion is would be to survey it. Look at the Body of Christ. Here at Anglicans Online we count ourselves tremendously lucky every week that you show and tell us of the variety and breadth of this funny, dear, puzzling collection of national churches and provinces. Each of us experiences the Anglican Communion through our own parish and diocese, our prayer book and music, and the Bible we share with other Christians. The internet gives us a magic window on the entire Anglican world. Through your web sites, we see both the wide differences in culture and heritage, understanding and interpretation, and yet at the same time, we recognise that we're all part of something very special and very precious--even if we aren't entirely sure what it is. We rejoice each week in the evidence we see of the existence of the Anglican Communion round the world. We may possibly have looked at more parish web pages than anybody else on earth, but we have links to them all so you can see them, too.

So have a look. Go visit the Anglican Communion. You could start with St Paul's College in Sydney, a university residential college, with a super web site. Then pop over to the lively Torres Strait region of the Diocese of North Queensland in Australia, paying particular attention to the wonderful photos documenting recent ordinations. (Whilst you are there, perhaps you would say a prayer for the soul of Bishop Ted Mosby, who died suddenly this past week.) Then zip to the States and have a look at two cathedrals, one in Birmingham, Alabama and one in Phoenix, Arizona. Back over in England, you might check out some of the new parish web sites there or see what the Bishop-elect of Ely has to say about genetically modified crops--an issue receiving considerable press in the UK. For other Anglican-related news, you might check our News Centre. We have thousands of links to thousands of web servers, and each of them is a window on the Anglican world. Look through them.

And be assured that if something newsworthy happens after conclusion of the primates meeting (28 March), we'll publish a midweek edition. If not, well then, we'll see you next week, as always--back here in the Anglican Communion.

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Cynthia McFarland
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Last updated: 26 March 2000
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