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Hallo again to all.

In the UK it is Mothering Sunday. Everywhere in the Anglican Communion it is the fourth Sunday in Lent. The Primates of the Anglican Communion have just finished their meeting in Oporto, Portugal, and details and press reports of this meeting are in our News Centre. The principal immediate outcome of the primates' meeting was the issuance of this communiqué. From reading the document we conclude that the primates collectively believe that the unity of the Anglican Communion is more important than the problems in parts of it. We shall find out in time if that is indeed what they believe, and we shall also find out in time if that is indeed possible.

Primates in Oporto
The Primates in Oporto, a photo that shows one aspect of what an archbishop's chaplain does. (Click the small photo for explanation.)

With that theme of unity in our minds, we read with interest a report from Agence France Presse (linked in our News Centre) that Africa is suffering terribly from Christian-like cults that are taking advantage of the desperation of its people. The appalling death of 800 members (possibly more) of a cult in Uganda is a recent example. The greatest growth in the Anglican Communion in the last decade has been in Africa, and it is perhaps in areas of Africa where Anglican churches differ most from those in industrialised countries. This article makes us realise that the unity and stability of the Anglican Communion, as an organisation capable of preventing its member churches from becoming cults, is of tremendous, lifesaving value to the world's poorest and neediest continent. We expect that over the next weeks and months the issue of Anglican churches in Africa will again surface on this page.

Too frequently in industrialised countries a successful parish is one where there are plenty of 'bodies in the pews' or 'bums on seats'. The Reverend Pierre Whalon, a regular Anglicans Online columnist, writes this week in his essay 'The True Measure of a Successful Parish' about why we need to redefine parochial success in a different way. Lambeth PalaceAlthough Pierre refers specfically to parishes in the Episcopal Church in USA, we suspect many will find his comments spot on.

This week we welcome the Diocese of Bermuda and a number of new parish web sites round the communion. And we are delighted to add The Church in Wales to our Search Engine. All the latest links in New This Week.

We note with interest that Lambeth Palace is advertising for a Domestic Chaplain; we saw the advert in the Church Times. We recall the 22 September 1999 article that members of the Carey family had cancelled their subscription to the Church Times, so we are intrigued that Dr Carey's office is advertising there. The rival Church of England Newspaper carries an advert for a Secretary for the Anglican Communion, but neither advert is duplicated in the other publication. Hmm.

The Times (London) has published an online style guide, and in it there is a special section devoted to churches and clergy. We especially liked this rubric: 'The Queen is Supreme Governor of the Church of England, NOT head of the Church of England'. A most useful thing to know if you're considering applying for that domestic chaplain position ...

See you next week.

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Last updated: 2 April 2000
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Photo credit:
Portrait of primates in Oporto by Christopher Took. See http://anglicancommunion.org/photofile/oporto2000.html for more photos of the Oporto meeting.