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Hallo again to all, on this Easter day, in the year of Our Lord 2000.

A small image of the Fra Angelico fresco, Noli Me Tangere, 1425-30In Easter week we often contemplate Christ even more than other weeks. Sometimes that contemplation includes visualizing Jesus. An exhibit at the National Gallery in London features all manner of images of Jesus through the ages, and it has been an over-the-top success. The Church Times's leader this week, 'Behold the Lamb of God,' is a compelling reference to it. (More references to the exhibit are listed in our News Centre.) While we're mentioning the Church Times, be sure to have a look at 'Into the Next Millennium'.

Even in Holy Week we learnt of new resources to add to our listings. We welcome sites for The Diocese of Port Elizabeth (South Africa), and The Diocese of Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea); The Diocese of Port Sudan, in the Sudan, is not yet online. New parish pages this week include Lewis Carroll's parish of All Saints, Daresbury, whose stained glass has a window commemorating his work. (The white-rabbit window is our favourite at the moment.) Other sites of note this Easter week include the Church Publishing Incorporated's fabulously useful ECDplus, which features a searchable online directory of ECUSA clergy and parishes. We applaud also the new web site for the J B Phillips translation of the New Testament, with integrated notes and maps. This is one of the richest and most scholarly online Bible resources that we have seen.

Lent is of course a time of preparation for Holy Week and Easter. But no amount of 'gettting ready' seems to us to be enough. The sadness of Jesus' death on the cross and the joy of His resurrection are so powerful that every year they seize us and shake us and remind us of the core of our worship and of our very Christianity. We all know the words by heart, we've said them many times, and listened to them many more times. But at Easter we are privileged to experience the very joy of the Resurrection. And hear of it again in the trumpet call of John Chrysostom some 1600 years ago, feel it in Simon Parke's arrow from a few years back, and be transported by the words of Raewynne Whiteley's sermon that she is giving right now at a university chapel.

Easter is something that one must experience year after year. And each year it is something new. The symbol of rebirth is itself reborn.

A L L E L U I A !

See you next week. And next year, at Eastertide.

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Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 23 April 2000