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Hallo again to all, on this second Sunday of Easter.

This day is sometimes called Low Sunday, to be contrasted with the High Sunday that is Easter. For us at Anglicans Online it is one of the most magical Sundays of the year, because we are still tingling from the immediate and personal joy of the Risen Christ, but we've had plenty of sleep (no all-night vigils this week), plenty of good food (our families and friends often share meals on and after Easter Sunday), and much of our favourite church music. Every Sunday is an echo of Easter, of course, but the real thing has a presence that helps re-centre our faith.

Great Britain is blessed with a secular press that cares about the church and about the faith. No other country in the world has so many people paid to write aboutPeter Carnley at his installation religion in the newspapers. So the British press is, for us, a treasure trove of writing about our church. Every week in The Times (London), on Saturday, there is a column called 'Credo', in which someone writes personally about his or her faith or his church. Geoffrey Rowell, Suffragan Bishop in the Diocese of Winchester, is a frequent contributor, and this week he has written a fine piece about Low Sunday.

There are two major stories in the News Centre this week, and a large and diverse collection of ordinary stories. The first major story is from Canada, where there are significant new developments in the ongoing saga of the Indian residential schools. These developments were first identified by the Anglican Journal, Canada's award-winning national church publication. The second major story is from Australia, where the squabble between Sydney and the rest of Australia continues. The Anglican Church of Australia installed a new primate this week (see photo to the right), and quite a few people (primarily in the Diocese of Sydney) were unhappy.

J Jon Bruno, new Bishop in Los AngelesThere's a new bishop in the Diocese of Los Angeles, J Jon Bruno. He once played American Football for the Denver Broncos. We list new parishes in South Africa, England, Canada, and the United States. There is a new web page for the Sarum College Centre for Liturgical Organ Studies, and a 'Bible after Lambeth' symposium co-sponsored by the Anglican Society and the Associate Alumni/Alumnae of General Seminary. You can find all of these items in our New This Week section.

Our News Centre had a bad page on the web server for several days last week, and a few stories were missing; you may want to take a glance at last week in the News Centre if you want to make sure that you didn't miss anything.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 30 April 2000