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Hallo again to all in merry Eastertide.

Well, perhaps not so merry at the moment for Brian Reid, our intrepid News Centre editor. Despite a nasty bit of 'flu he laboured hard this weekend to bring you our collection of the latest Anglican news. You'd never know that someone who wrote this news overview was feeling quite unwell:

Image of Westminster Abbey exterior

Chair from Westminster Abbey on offer
A drawing of a mediaeval shoe.
Church stall gifts through the ages

'Vandalism at Ely Cathedral. +York visits Rome. Leo Frade elected III Bishop of SE Florida. Historic meeting of bishops next week in Canada. Experts say exorcism still rare (they must be working). More news on primate installation in Australia. Anglican Church of Canada looking at desperate options. Cardinal O'Connor dead at 80. Archaeologists discover mediæval abbey gift shops selling mediæval junk. Utterly unscandalous romance with a bishop. Clergy wives said to need assertiveness training. All this, and more, in the News Centre'.

The mediæval outlet referred to is the beautiful Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire. We wonder if they have on offer anything quite as dear as the chair from Westminster Abbey, available last year?

The Church of Ireland will hold its General Synod from 15 to 17 May in Belfast, and a handsome web site will offer breaking news, daily updates, RealAudio clips, along with general updates. We're delighted to see the increase in church-governance web sites that offer plenteous information. The Anglican Church of Canada last year produced another superb example of such a site. We look forward to seeing what the Episcopal Church in the USA plans for their General Convention this summer.

The Church of Ireland's General Synod web site
The Church of Ireland
General Synod web site

Three dioceses unveil new web sites this week: the Diocese of São Paulo in Brazil, the Diocese of Kobe in Japan, and the Diocese of Guildford in England. New parish web sites are equally well represented, from Kurri Kurri, New South Wales and Tasmania in Australia to Old Cleeve in England and Port Neches, Texas in the States. And San Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino Anglican parish in Canada. We delight in the variety of the parish sites we list each week. (All in New This Week.) If you've not submitted your own parish or you're aware of a site we don't list, do let us know.

We've had a query about a small ornament described thus: 'A pendant with circular crosses with four smaller crosses next to them, with the inscription, 'Christ Died for Thee' or 'For Thee Christ Died' depending on how you read it. The reverse is engraved 'Church War Cross'. I was told that they were given out by the church to soldiers to place on their dogtags'. Are any of our readers familiar with this? If so, please email us and we'll contact our correspondent. Thanks.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland's signature
  Brian Reid's signature
Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 7 May 2000