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Hallo again to all.

On this Fifth Sunday of Easter, new bishop-elects were announced, in the Diocese of Panama and the Diocese of Spokane. (No information yet on either diocesan web site.) The Reverend Peter Watson was recently consecrated The ninth Archbishop of Melbourne (Australia).as the Ninth Archbishop of Melbourne. And the Dean of Ely Cathedral writes about just what fun it is to elect bishops.

And what fun it is to bring out of all the best vestments, altar cloths, fair linen, and the like on any high holy day, not only at the consecration or enthronement of bishops. But where, indeed, are those fabulous textiles brought forth from? The Church Times takes a hard look at often sad state of church textiles: Something nasty in the vestry cupboard?

If you simply have too much that is unused or unwanted in your cupboard, pay a visit to the Vestment Exchange based in New Jersey USA, but serving dioceses and parishes round the Communion. The Vestment Exchange 'receives vesture, sacred vessels, and other liturgical appointments that churches no longer want or can use and returns them to the Lord's service by sending them on to mission churches throughout the world. It is directed The Temple Church, Londonby Sister Elias Freeman, Sol.S.B., a Solitary of the Episcopal Church'. She and her solunteers do splendid work, and the web site will give you an idea.

This week we welcome to Anglicans Online our second Royal Peculiar, The Temple Church, the Church for the Honourable Societies of the Inner and Middle Temple in London. Not quite Ernest Lough, famous boy choristercertain just what Royal Peculiars are? They're generally defined as places of worship under the personal jurisdiction of the Queen, often with ancient Anglo-Saxon foundations. One of the world's best-known boy sopranos, Ernest Lough, sung at the Temple Church for many years; his recording in 1927 of Mendelssohn's 'O, for the Wings of a Dove' has never left the record catalogue. He died this past February, aged 88. The fine choir is only one reason amongst many to stop should you be in London: the Master of the Temple Church gives you a few more.

We were pleased this week to learn about the web site for Church and Blindness, a rich The logo for the Church and Blindness organisation compendium of information, links, and resrouces to help parishes ensure they are welcoming to visually impaired people. Do pay a visit: it's most worthwhile. find all our most recent links in New This Week as usual.

The formal talks in Toronto, Canada between Anglicans and Roman Catholics have concluded, and we bring you links to several key stories, including a brief but telling assessment from a Toronto layperson. As Brian would say, 'All this, and more, in the News Centre'.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 21 May 2000