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Hallo again to all.

The Revd Angela Palacious, first woman ordained to the priesthood in the Diocese of Nassau and the Bahamas.
The Revd Angela Palacious

Ordinations are always special occasions (see Brian's brief 1999 essay for a personal take), but 'very special' might best describe the 31 May ordination in the Diocese of Nassau and the Bahamas (including the Turks and Caicos Islands) of its first woman priest, Angela Palacious. The photos taken at the ordination are plentiful (and quite good) and the interview with Angela Palacious most interesting.

We're delighted to publish a new essay by the Reverend Pierre Whalon on the strange absence of African-American mission parishes in the Episcopal Church in the USA. Although the essay's content may be most relevant to members of ECUSA, a number of the observations Pierre makes about starting new mission churches will interest people outside that province.

The chapel at the Theological College of Lanka
Chapel at the Theological
College of Lanka

The Diocese of Chichester in England and the Diocese of St Asaph in the Church of Wales make their first appearances at Anglicans Online. And now you can find basic information about the Dioceses of Colombo and Diocese of Kurunegala in Sri Lanka on the Web. The Theological College of Lanka in Pilimatalawa has an informative web site that, amongst other good information, explains the philosophy behind indigenous theology and what that means for theological education in the former British colony once known as Ceylon, where the Anglican Church arrived in 1796. We don't know of any other instance in the Anglican Communion in which one diocese is completely contained inside another, but if you look at the web pages that we've noted above, you will see that the Diocese of Kurunegala is entirely contained within the boundaries of the Diocese of Colombo.

A cast bronze bell from Verdin BellsWe have reorganised our Music Resources page, and in the process of doing so we discovered that we had no listings at all for musical instruments. Probably this is because there are no musical instruments that are exclusively Anglican, and we have always tried to stay focused on the Anglican world. But this was a missing piece of our resource collection; we therefore began searching for some web sites about bells and organs, which are predominant in the churches that we know. We found some good sites related to buying and installing church bells, which you can find in New This Week. But we were intrigued to read in the church-decor article mentioned (1 June) in this week's News Centre that before the Victorian era, 'a gallery at the west end provides accommodation not for an organ but for the parish band.' The typical collection of musical instruments in Anglican churches was once much larger.

We hope next to turn our reorganisation efforts again to our Not in the Communion section, which seems to need attention more frequently than much of the rest of Anglicans Online. At some point we hope even to have figured out where and how to list Church of the Redeemer in Skokie, Illinois, which seems to be part of the Missionary Diocese of SE Asia.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 4 June 2000