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'Pentecost' from John of Berry's Petites Heures France, Paris 14th CenturyHallo again to all on Pentecost, that great mysterious day of wind, sound, language, understanding, intelligibility ... We know it's often referred to as 'the birthday of the church', but to us that imposes an everyday ordinariness to a feast that is far more redolent of the mystical than the mundane. So we'll stay with the wind and the awe.

And perhaps the bells. This week we've added all manner of links to change-ringing, bell foundries, bell magazines, and the like. Most of them are listed under Music in New This Week, you'll find older links in our Music section, with its new 'Bells' category.

A statue at St James, Sydney
Detail of monument,
St James Church, Sydney

This week we welcome St John the Baptist, Northcote, a parish in Auckland, New Zealand, and across the water a bit, St James, King Street, the oldest parish in Sydney, Australia (and in fact the oldest ecclesiastical structure in the city). Speaking of structures, a new bridge in London--direct to St Paul's Cathedral--is, er, swaying a bit in the wind. Brian gives you all the details in the News Centre.

Worried about the state (or sway) of your parish? Have a look at the new ichthus xiphos, as it wereinitiative from the Diocese of Bolsover, whose Total Your Congregation scheme may be just what you've been waiting for.

A famous science fiction writer (though not quite famous enough for us to remember his name) once said that 'any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' If he were to look in this week's News Centre, he would find no articles at all about Charles and Camilla, or about sex scandals, but would find a reporter worrying that there is a shortage of miracles these days even though the need has never been greater. And there's an article about church in California (not Anglican, alas) that employs six full-time multimedia technologists to bring high-tech razzle and dazzle to Sunday worship. We dearly hope that no one finds this technology indistinguishable from miracles.

The Times (London) writes on food for Whitsunday: peas, duckling, gooseberries in Oldbury tarts, elderflower syllabub, and cheese cakes. While it is too late for this Whitsunday, we'll know how to cook our duck and prepare our elderflowers next year.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 11 June 2000