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Hallo again to all. Did you sing St Patrick's Breastplate today? If not, surely Nicaea made an appearance ... A blessed Trinity Sunday.

We note today that the readership of Anglicans Online has reached about 200,000 people. We say 'about' because it is really difficult to measure online readership accurately. We seem to have a loyal core of about 30,000 people who check in at least once a week; the rest check in perhaps An engraving of Matthew Parker, book in hand.every other week or a few times a month, but often enough to show up in our measurements. Please know we are grateful to all of you, whether this is the first issue of Anglicans Online that you have read, or the 250th.

Our favourite links this week include a fabulous story about Matthew Parker's library at Cambridge University, Christ Church Cathedral Society of Change Ringers, Dublin (with video of ringers, well, ringing), audio of an interview last week with ECUSA's Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold, and video of the consecration of Michael Curry as the new Bishop of North Carolina, which occurred on Saturday, 17 June at the Duke University Chapel in North Carolina. The quality of the last doesn't appear to be very good, but we confess we didn't watch all two hours of what looks to have been a splendid service. (Note: the video begins abruptly during the first verse of Vaughan Williams arrangement of Old Hundredth.) Of course you'll find all our latest links in New This Week and all the most important Anglican-related stories in our News Centre.

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the USA meets for the 73rd time, on this occasion in Denver, Colorado from 4 to 15 July. The group of us who provided coverage of the 1997 General Convention in Philadelphia are, alas, Seal of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the USAnot able to do so again. Anglicans Online would be delighted to coordinate and distribute news reports that people send to us, but we do not have resources for an onsite reporter this time nor are we travelling to Denver ourselves. We're sure that the usual news sources will have many press releases, though, and we'll try to read through them and sort what is really going on. If we can figure it out, we'll tell you. If, however, any of you are planning to be at General Convention and you would like to file some online news stories, we can publish that story if we consider that it's appropriate for Anglicans Online. We can't promise to publish everything people send us. But by all means let us know if you think you'd like to consider writing reports from Denver. We'll be glad to chat with you about it. If you are attending General Convention to report for another organisation, please let us know, so we can link to those reports published elsewhere.

Last week in this space we referred and then linked to a page that we found humorous. We got two gentle complaints that we had linked to inappropriate material. We were utterly baffled until we determined that one web page to which we linked contained a link to another page that contained a link to yet another page that did indeed link to a site many would label as risqué. Had we known about this, we mightn't have linked the original page. Or we might have: the web is called the web because everything is linked to everything; we suspect that it is possible to click to questionable or risqué material in about six or seven clicks from nearly anything. It is not always easy for people to tell just what web site they are looking at. We strive for a middle road; we never knowingly link to inappropriate material, but we shall continue to trust our readers to be able to tell what is part of Anglicans Online and what is not.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 18 June 2000