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This page last updated 25 June 2000
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Hallo again to all on this first of a long series of Sundays after Pentecost.

There are two ABCs in the news this week, and neither of them is our Archbishop of Canterbury. The Australian Broadcasting Company did a '4 Corners' piece about the The Search for Jesus televion seriesAnglican Church of Australia, and the American Broadcasting Company is about to broadcast, in North America, a lavish production of The Search for Jesus. (Monday evening, 26 June; check your local schedules). The Search for Jesus web site is extremely high-tech, and may disrupt older computers. Beliefnet is offering 'web support', including viewer online discussions, some of which are moderated by Episcopalians who include Professor Deirdre Good of General Seminary in New York City and Lloyd Prator, Rector of St. John's in the Village. The Los Angeles Times offers this review of the series.

The Denver Convention Center
The Denver
Convention Centre

ECUSA is nearly ready for its General Convention, with its first session beginning 4 July. Anglicans Online is interested in distributing fair and literate reports of what is happening there: we'd be delighted to coordinate and distribute news reports that people send to us. We can't promise to publish everything, but by all means let us know if you think you'd like to consider writing reports from Denver. If you are attending General Convention to report for another organisation, please let us know, so we can link to those reports published elsewhere.

A 100 megabit RJ45 connectorThe General Convention is being held at the Denver Convention Centre, one of the techno-wonders of the modern universe. It has better access to the Internet than many countries (there's 155 megabit ATM service in the building and full DS3 connectivity is available; LAN and wireless drops are everywhere). We're confident that the General Convention will take full advantage of these wonders to communicate with all of us. At the 1998 Lambeth Conference the only online coverage was PDF files of the daily dead-tree newspaper. We look forward to something more useful and more modern, and we can't wait to see how ECUSA will take advantage of all of these fabulous facilities. Whilst talking about technology and the church we are reminded of a snippet from an article in The Observer (London), noted in this week's News Centre, that 'We in Britain have become wearily accustomed to the prating of bishops and technophobic fanatics about how the internet supposedly threatens family life...'

Speaking of the Internet, its growing presence in Africa has given us direct access to African newspapers, and to more knowledge about Africa than ever before. Noted in the News Centre is a brief interview with the primate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria.

The Very Reverend Peter Clement Moore
Peter Clement Moore 1924-2000

The Church of England is having its Synod week after next. Since there are three each year, a synod is (happily?) not nearly such a big and expensive matter as the ECUSA General Convention. We note coincidentally and sadly that a former Dean of St Albans, the Very Reverend Peter Moore, OBE, whose vision gave St Alban's Cathedral its modern Chapter House, and who opposed the whole concept of a General Synod, has died. If readers will allow a personal reminiscence, Cynthia last saw Peter Moore, circa 1978, at tea in the deanery in St Albans, when he radiated good cheer and incisive intelligence amongst a whirl of buttered toast, school children, whippets, and barrel organs. As I was a post-graduate student reading Classics, he did his best to interest me in joining up with one of the archaeological digs then occurring in St Albans (Verulamium), and I recall politely refusing the career advice, suggesting my future did not lay in sorting potsherds, as noble an enterprise as that is... Dean Moore's memorial service will be 8 July at 4 pm at St Alban's Cathedral. Requiescat in pace.

This week we welcome the Diocese of Keewatin (Canada) to our listings, along with a gaggle of parishes in Canada, England, and the USA.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 25 June 2000