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ECUSA General Convention
Updated 8 July 4pm MDT


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Hallo again to all.

Sisyphus, by Kent Lew

The big news—at least if you measure the size of news in terms of money spent, press releases distributed, and mindshare of the participants—is the triennial ECUSA General Convention this week and next. In 1997, there wasn't much online news of the Philadelphia convention, so those of us who produce Anglicans Online provided some ad hoc online coverage that was well received. This year, many organisations, including ECUSA's own Episcopal News Service, intend to provide online coverage. Thus instead of putting our efforts into frontline online news coverage, we'll stand back a little, produce our Anglicans Online GC News Centre that covers that news the way our regular News Centre covers other news—and see what happens. One of the joys of being unofficial is that we can try whatever we want. Do look over our General Convention section; everything we do with respect to GC 2000 will be linked there.

Please note that we'll be updating our GC pages daily, and you can reach that area of our site easily from the yellow link on the menu to the left.

If you've not yet signed up to be an Anglicans Online GC 2000 correspondent, we'd still like to hear from you. We've made a web page for each of the people who has contacted us so far, and as soon as they send us something we'll make those correspondents pages active. Signed up in advance or not, send your contributions to

A Muslim girl in NigeriaAlthough the media blitz is focused on the ECUSA convention in Denver, there's a lot happening in Nigeria right now. The country has more Anglicans, and more who actually attend church, than England, USA, Canada, and Australia combined, and is enmeshed in a struggle with the concept of 'Sharia', Islamic law. One of the wonders of the Internet is that it blurs the distinction between local and global context. An interested party in Canada can read a newspaper in Africa the moment it's published. A problem: there aren't very many newspapers online in Africa. But during the past few months, the quality of the religion coverage in The Guardian (Lagos, Nigeria) has impressed us, and we read it regularly. Their motto is 'Conscience, nurtured by truth'. We encourage Anglicans Online readers to spend, if possible, US$30 subscribing to The Guardian to help support this excellent resource—which is almost certainly operated on the proverbial shoestring. Nothing but good can come out of better international understanding, and there is no substitute for primary sources. This is a time to be more aware of Nigeria.

The complete text of the Göttingen Gutenberg bible is now online, free, courtesy of the Göttingen State and University Library. This is one of four complete illuminated copies on vellum. The web site is in both English and German.

We welcome this week 12 new parishes in the USA, Scotland, England, and Canada, along with the Anglican Board of Mission in Australia and the Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield, England.

See you next week. (Make that tomorrow.)

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Last updated: 2 July 2000