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Hallo again to all.

Robert A. K. Runcie, late Bishop of St Albans and the 102nd Archbishop of Canterbury, was laid to rest yesterday in his parish churchyard. The number of great people who stopped what they were doing this The Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Albanmonth to remember him and pay tribute to him is rather extraordinary. Simon Sarmiento, our UK correspondent, attended the service and wrote a narrative account of it; you can find it in our News Centre. So did the BBC, the Sunday Times, the Telegraph, and various other news organisations; their coverage of this event is alongside Simon's. If you had no time last week to read any of the obituaries of Lord Runcie, do take the time now; you'll find them listed here in last week's News Centre.

We can tell from looking at the Anglicans Online statistics that our readers cared about the ECUSA General Convention; there were just shy of a million 'hits' (962262). on the Anglicans Online web site in the two-week period ending today. That's a little more than double what we usually see in a fortnight. Despite the many issues debated and the legislation enacted, the resolutions that grabbed all of the headlines and the attention of many bishops in other countries were those pertaining to sexuality. The Most Reverend Peter Akinola, Archbishop of Abuja and Primate of Nigeria, has made public statements in support of the conservative side of ECUSA issues. In the past few weeks the Anglicans Online News Centre has carried more than a dozen stories about life in Nigeria, most direct from Nigerian newspapers, which indicate that the conflict between Islamic and Christian people over who shall run the government is very grave. It would appear that once a Nigerian state has converted to Sharia, to Islamic law, that there is no A laptop computerway to turn back to a government tolerant of Christianity. While it may seem far-fetched, the conflicts in ECUSA do not seem unrelated to those in Nigeria.The logo for

From December 1994 till August 1997, Anglicans Online was edited by founder Tod Maffin, who went on to other things (all manner of other things) One of the most recent is his own radio show——on CBC. This Tuesday the show tackles the topic of 'Faith in a Digital World' and Tod issues a personal invitation for Canadians who have rediscovered something spiritual because of the Internet to let him know that: 'I'd love to interview them or include them in a panel discussion. We also plan to share a collection of people's stories on the topic on our web site and would encourage anyone who wants to write their thoughts or personal stories into an email to send it to me'. If you can, do! We The shield of the Province of Brazil.hope to be listening this Tuesday night.

We welcome to our web listings this week the Province of Brazil, with its glossy, high-tech, and altogether impressive web site in Portugese and English. And new this week also is the Diocese of Egypt and, across the water, Christ Church Cathedral in Newcastle, Australia, whose web site is, in a word, breathtaking.

See you all next week.

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Last updated: 23 July 2000