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Hallo again to all.

Here in the northern hemisphere it seems that nearly everyone is on holiday, nThis side up.o doubt taking much needed rest from all manner of synods, conventions, colloquia, and conferences. One group not on holiday is school staff and teachers. Schools in the northern hemisphere are preparing for the new year. And this year, a great number of the world's Anglican and Episcopal schools have made or remade web sites. We list no fewer than 15 new school sites this week, and we're sure that before school starts we will learn about many more. About 40 percent of the world's Anglican dioceses have web pages. In the developed world, perhaps 10 percent of parishes now have web pages. We're delighted to see such growth in web pages for Anglican schools.

But what about you lot in the south, eh? Surely we ought to see a flurry of new web sites from Australia and EnZed and other lands south of the equator? Consider this an invitation to develop your own parish sites or tell us about those you find that we've not listed.

Beverley MinsterThis week we are delighted to publicise the web site of a parish in the Diocese of Western Mexico, in a small town just south of Guadalajara: Chalapa, St Andrew. And Beverley, a lovely market town in northeast England, has both its splendid minster and another large parish on the web, along with a neighbouring church a few miles to the north. The USA weighs in with a number of new parish sites as well.

Anglicans Online in BrailleAlthough it isn't Anglican, we were delighted to see the appearance of web site devoted to turning ordinary emails into Braille snail-mail letters at no cost. We applaud the idea, seeing it as yet another way the Internet can assist our communication with each other.

African web sites continue to flourish, so we have better access than ever before to primary sources of news and information in Africa. We've been tracking the sharia story in Nigeria for several weeks now in our News Centre. This week's sharia articles focus on backlash and reaction by non-Moslem Nigerians. And the Billy Graham Amsterdam 2000 conference is finishing up. It is an ecumenical evangelical conference; the Anglican presence there is not numerically large. The Diocese of Sydney, perhaps the Anglican evangelical centre, has a reporter there who is filing stories carried on the Anglican Media Sydney site. The Archbishop of Canterbury gave a speech at the Amsterdam 2000 conference that has been widely reported and analysed in the British press. You'll find all of this, and more, in our News Centre.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 6 August 2000