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This page last updated 3 September 2000
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We list two (sometimes three) weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. As they disappear from this page, you'll find the links moved to their natural home categories in our resource pages.

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Week of 3 September 2000

Uganda, Diocese of Namirembe --

Western Australia: Kallaroo, Resurrection --
Western Australia: Karrinyup, Karrinyup Anglican Church --

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Classic Christian books in electronic format. This major site is largely the work of one person, Harry Plantinga at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It has several hundred original documents encoded in a special theological markup language, with indexes, table of contents, search engines, and so forth. --

Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, St Matthew (Saskatoon) --

Belgium: Antwerp, St Boniface (Europe) --
France: Clermont-Ferrand, Christ (The Convocation of American Churches in Europe) --
Germany: Dusseldorf, Christ Church (Europe) --
Germany: Munich, Ascension (The Convocation of American Churches in Europe) --
Wiesbaden, St Augustine of Canterbury (The Convocation of American Churches in Europe) --
Italy: Rome, St Paul's within the Walls (The Convocation of American Churches in Europe) --
Netherlands: Utrecht, Holy Trinity (Europe) --
Switzerland: Geneva, Emmanuel (The Convocation of American Churches in Europe) --

USA: Connecticut, 4 November 2000
Joint SEAD (Scholarly Engagement with Anglican Doctrine) and Confessing Christ Conference at St John's, Stamford, featuring Dr Gabe Fackre and Dr Kathryn Green-McCreight on 'The Church Of The Center'. For more information contact the Revd Dr. Leander S. Harding, or see the SEAD web site.

USA: New Jersey, 11 November
The Guild of All Souls (established 1889) Requiem Mass and Annual Meeting, Saturday, 11 November, 11am. Church of S. Anthony of Padua in Hackensack, New Jersey. --

Canada: Vancouver, 11 and 12 November 2000
RH400: A two-day symposium at St James Anglican Church to commemorate Richard Hooker—philosopher, Anglican, contemporary—on the 400th anniversary of his death. The site provides details of dates, location, program schedule, guest-speaker biographies, and information about Richard Hooker. --

New Zealand
Auckland: King's School, an independent Anglican preparatory day school for boys, with a very close connection with the Diocese of Auckland. --

News Centre
Elderly losing faith. Conservative American group declares an Episcopal crisis; hometown newspaper of one of its leaders publishes that declaration. Kenya's primate supports election boycott. Church of Ireland celebrates 10 years of female priests. Queen and Pope to meet. Murder of priest in Kenya draws US FBI investigators. Pin-up girl sells God to Britain. General Synod fights Prime Minister. Argument over change to English prayer books. Some conservatives break away from ECUSA to join Rwanda church. Harry Potter figures in two news stories this week, and he's too young to know what homosexuality is. Remarriage in Kenya only with AIDS test. A new Vicar for Fleet Street. Churches urged to hold seances. Conservative splinter group officially launched. All this, and more, in the not-at-all peculiar News Centre.

Our new page devoted to professional exchanges in the Anglican Communion. --

Glasgow, Kings Park, St Oswald (Glasgow and Galloway) --

Florida: Destin, St Andrew's By-the-Sea (Peculiar) --
Louisiana: Mer Rouge, St Andrew (Western Louisiana) --
North Carolina: Chocowinty, Trinity (East Carolina) --
North Carolina: Elizabethtown, St Christopher (East Carolina) --
North Carolina: Greenville, St Timothy (East Carolina) --
North Carolina: Nags Head, St Andrew by-the-sea (East Carolina) --
North Carolina: Washington, St Peter (East Carolina) --
North Carolina: Wilmington, St James (East Carolina) --

Week of 27 August 2000

Vic Anglicans Online: 'A web forum for the Anglican Church of Australia, Province of Victoria. According to the 1996 Census, there are 716,356 Anglicans in Victoria. The host is Newlands: Community Education and Multimedia Centre'. For information about becoming a member of the forum, see:

Anglicare NSW: The charitable arm of the Diocese of Sydney and Woolongong. --

Basics An ECUSA parish-based site with questions and answers about faith and a web-forum discussion area. Many of the questions asked are answered both by clergy and members of the parish. --

Barrie: Trinity (Toronto) --

Vic Anglicans Online: 'A web forum for the Anglican Church of Australia, Province of Victoria. According to the 1996 Census, there are 716,356 Anglicans in Victoria. The host is Newlands: Community Education and Multimedia Centre'. For information about becoming a member of the forum, see:

Frizinghall, St Margaret (Bradford) --
Liverpool, Trinity Anglican/Methodist Church (Liverpool) --

The Reverend Tony Clavier wonders whether ECUSA is 'The General Convention Church'. An Anglicans Online exclusive.

The Reverend Dr Ephraim Radner writes to conservative clergy about why staying in ECUSA may be the most orthodox act possible. --

American Guild of Organists --
St John's Cathedral (Denver, Colorado) Choir --
Timothy Dudley-Smith: Hymnwriter (official site) --

New Zealand
Blenheim, The Nativity (Nelson) --
Greymouth, Parish of Greymouth (Nelson) --
Otago Peninsula, Parish of Otago Peninsula (Dunedin) --
St Kilda, Holy Cross (Dunedin) --
Tawa-Linden, St Christopher and St Peter (Wellington) --
Wellington, Victoria University Chaplaincy (Wellington) --


Alpha New Zealand --

News Centre
A dangerous week to be a US priest overseas. Early Christian outpost discovered on island north of Scotland. The English debate ethics concerning Siamese twins, continue plans to create more churchgoers, and continue plans to allow televangelism on UK TV. Two excellent meditations, a review of Ann the Word, politics of old rotting churches. Bishop of London owns up to writing controversial speech. Reflections on Nietsche on the 100th anniversary of his death. Gargoyle carver finds something besides dead bishops to model his wares. Celebration of William Booth. Who? Big bequest to St Paul's Cathedral. No, not that one. The other one. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

News Sources
Religion section at --

Diocese of Colorado: Denver, St John's Cathedral --

Mississippi: Tupelo, All Saints (Mississippi) --
South Dakota: Rapid City, Emmanuel (South Dakota) --
South Dakota: Pierre, Trinity (South Dakota) --

Crickhowell, St Edmund (Swansea and Brecon) --
Ilston and Penard, Parish Church (Swansea and Brecon) --
Llansamlet, Llansamlet Parish Church (Swansea and Brecon) --
Llwynderw, Parish Church (Swansea and Brecon) --
Llyswen Group: The Llyswen group of five parishes is set in the countryside of mid-Powys near, but not on the English border. (Swansea and Brecon) --

Barbados: St Michael, St Paul, (Barbados) --

Honduras: Diocese of Honduras --

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