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Hallo again to all.

The country of Cuba occasionally looms large in newspaper headlines, but rarely is it regarded in any Anglican context. The arms of the Diocese of CubaIt is a pleasure to announce a new web site for the Diocese of Cuba, where you can learn about the current state of the Anglican church in that country. It may surprise you, as it did us, that there are 10,000 Anglicans on that small island.

Popping eastward across the Atlantic we also bid welcome to the Diocese of Portsmouth in England, whose web site has just gone live. We especially liked the 'Children's Quiz' found by following the link to the web site for the cathedral of the diocese. (Preview: 'Do you know the name of King Henry VIII's flagship ? It sank in the Solent in 1545'.)

We welcome all manner of new parishes as well this week, including the unusually named Parish of John Keble in London and a parish (Atonement) in the unexpectedly named Hephzibah, Georgia, USA. All that's new is, as usual, in New This Week.

This week we note, in many corners of the Anglican world, urgent planning, wondering, and praying about the future of the church. (All of the news that led us to note this is in the News Centre.) In Canada a small diocese has voted to eliminate itself. The Anglican Church of Canada has been asking 'Whither our church?' for a while, but almost nobody wanted this to be the answer. The Church of England, which was in a certain sense defined by the relationship between a pope and a reigning monarch, is in quite a dither about the upcoming visit of its current reigning monarch to the current sitting pope. Australia's biggest and best-known diocese, Sydney, is having a synod during which people are asking aloud 'Whither our church?'.

Anglicans Online is devoted to global communication with and about the Anglican church, and you may be confident that we will keep you abreast of the results of every major act of self-analysis. We know that there are groups waiting at the edges of the Anglican Communion who will be happy to see it fail or collapse, but we know that there are many more who wish to see the Anglican branch of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to continue forever. We continue to delight in new parishes and dioceses joining the online world, new bishops accepting the crown of thorns, new songs, new prayers, new versions of the prayer book, new ideas and, especially, new members.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 15 October 2000