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Hans Baldung Grien, Birth of Jesus. Alte Pinakothek, MunichDarkness, light. Beginnings, ends.

Advent Sunday settles its mysteriousness upon us. And during this short but powerful season all of us in the church turn our back, as it were, on the too-early Christmas carols, the oh-not-yet Christmas trees, the anachronistic decor and accoutrements that we know it's not yet time for.

Not yet time, not yet, hold off, wait. Don't fidget: Seek ye, look from afar...

Each Advent we are called to prepare ourselves, as we realize that we are one year further away from our baptism and one year closer to judgment. Since the Final Judgment will reveal Christ's complete victory over the powers of sin and death, we must prepare ourselves so that we may share that victory with Him. Christ is to be welcomed as our Savior and King at Christmas, but also with the awareness that He is also our Judge. Advent is also a season that teaches us the value of waiting and patience. We are not called to passive waiting, but to using our time to prepare and anticipate. (From an Episcopal Church in Virginia USA)

To help you prepare, we've collected the best links of which we're aware on our Advent Resources page. Please add to it by letting us know of links we may have overlooked. You can use this page to do so.

In the News Centre this week there is some politics in Britain, more on Rosemont, sectarian violence in Kenya, and an urban legend in the making. There is sadness and silliness in the news, the darkness and light combining there as well.

In our listings this week: an Anglican residential college in Australia, two parishes in England, the Diocese of Sheffield, a new online news source, more than a dozen new parishes in the USA, and a Theological Seminary in Ghana. As always, you can browse everything in our New This Week section.

A blessed Advent season to all. See you next week.

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Last updated: 3 December 2000