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Hallo again to all on Epiphany III.

From time to time we feel the need to mention that Anglicans Online is not a professional venture but is produced by a small group of committed volunteers. This week there was a family crisis for one of us, which leads us to apologise for what might seem the sparsity of AO this week. We usually manage to put in about 20 to 25 hours each week producing AO for you; this week we didn't come close*.

We do have some good news related to the people behind AO, though. Anglicans Online is sponsored by the Society of Archbishop Justus, which last week was awarded tax-exempt charity status in the United States. We realise this is directly meaningful only to people who live in the States, but we hope the rigour demanded of organisations granted the status will give SoAJ additional credibility and standing round the Anglican world. In the next few months we'd like to set up channels by which SoAJ can accept donations. Bishop Potato Head(One reason: Our server computers are old and slow, and we'd really like to upgrade.) A pledge, though: no matter how much we might enjoy a steady flow of contributions, we will never run banner advertisements as a means of filling our coffers!

Today's epistle reading in the Revised Common Lectionary was 1 Corinthians 12:12-31, and most other lectionaries specified some of those verses. So most of the world's Anglicans today heard a reading about diversity in the Body of Christ. When Paul wrote to the Corinthians all those many centuries ago, he talked about hands and feet and other parts that are 'unpresentable'. Sometimes we at Anglicans Online wonder just what part of the body we are; surely not a hand or a foot or a nose, and surely we are presentable. Maybe we should adopt a motto saying that we are 'a presentable part of the Body of Christ'.

But, seriously, this is one of our favourite Bible passages because we try hard to have something of value for all Anglicans, and for that matter all Christians. You can't get us to hate anybody—we're not that body part—but if it doesn't involve hate, we hope it's part of our listings and our world. Every week we rely on you, or readers, to tell us about web pages that we've missed, new organisations coming online, and interesting facets of the Body of Christ as seen online. Please don't stop; we need you.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 21 January 2001

Mary: I bet you thought we weren't going to get this issue out. Heh. We're too dedicated to miss a week.