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Hallo again to all. Last week we wrote:

How would you classify the Anglican Mission in America, and why? Our classification scheme is in the left-hand column of this page, and you are surely familiar with it. Is AMiA in communion? Not in communion? If a parish leaves its original ECUSA diocese and becomes 'an AMiA parish', should it be listed in the USA listings? Rwanda listings? Something else? We'd really like to know what you think and how you arrived at your conclusion.

In response we received the largest number of emails on a single issue in the history of Anglicans Online. This flood of thoughtful, reasoned, courteous, and often compelling replies was far too great to summarise for this week's issue of AO. Please look for our report next Sunday, in which we'll include excerpts that give you an idea of the range of opinions on this knotty issue (of course removing any personally identifying material). Thanks to all who took the time to write to us. St Peter's Nottingham cherubumWe are vastly privileged to have the readers we do and are honoured that so many of you shared your thoughts with us.

For years St Peter's Nottingham has been one of our favourite parish web sites--and one of the best on the Anglican web. Their material for February is particularly good, with their new rector (until last year the Archbishop of Canterbury's Secretary for Anglican Communion Affairs) contributing a review of Bishop Jack Spong's autobiography 'Here I Stand' and a parishioner penning a somewhat tongue-in-cheek poem 'Anglican Quadrille' on the many varieties of Eucharistic prayer offered in Common Worship. They also feature a series of articles based on early issues of church magazines; February 1901 reports the memorial services held for Queen Victoria who had died in January. If you'd like to see just what a high standard a parish web site can set, do visit St Peter's Nottingham.

Pierre Whalon, a regular Anglicans Online columnist, in his latest essay considers just what can happen when the traditional Anglican avoidance of canonical discipline begins to change. Are we ready for the consequences of presentments? Read 'The Discipline of Canonical Enforcement' and see what you think.

The Rt Revd John V. Taylor
John Vernon Taylor

Over in the News Centre there are reports of two seemingly-unrelated events that are in truth the same event, half a century apart. One event is the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Nigeria; the other is the death of the Right Reverend John Taylor. Bishop Taylor was the mastermind behind the transfer from Britain to Africa of the authority in African dioceses. He guided the decolonialisation of the African churches just as their host colonies were gaining political independence. Now, some 50 years later, Nigeria is the largest Anglican country in the world and the Archbishop is visiting there to see firsthand the sectarian conflict and to see if he can help solve it. See 2 Corinthians 9:6.

All the rest of the new you can find, as always, in New This Week. And if you are a rector, vicar, organist, or choirmaster interested in a holiday exchange, be sure to check our growing list of swaps from round the Communion.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
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Last updated: 4 February 2001