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Hallo again to all.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has just wrapped up his two-week visit to Nigeria, and the Anglican Church of Nigeria has just finished producing its first web site at We're delighted to have this largest of Anglican countries present on the Internet, and look forward to its web site growing and prospering.

We also welcome this week web sites from the Diocese of Delaware, Christ Church Cathedral in Louisville, Kentucky, and parish churches in the USA, Malaysia, England, Canada, and Australia. As usual, everything is gathered in New This Week.

Now playing at a cinema near you?

And the news? Get ready: '"The ABC visits Nigeria": the final chapter. Death in Holy Orders, but only in hardback. Five to compete for +Holloway's ex cathedra. Wuth Gledhill visits Wooton Wawen in Warwick, finds missing keys from White House keyboards. William Oddie on Cardinal Newman. The Guardian on St Isidore of Seville. Bishop calls for cheaper drugs. Black congregations woo whites and their empty buildings. Dioceses running on fumes. Court deposes Montana bishop. Not enough Anglicans in prison. No Ritalin for Samson. Death of Dr Susan Cole-King. Buzz over religious schools in England. Whither Sharia, wither Sharia. Westminster dean talks about Parkinson's. New bishop in Australia. Ugly tribal conflict in Edo churches. Another view on the 'withdrawing from Westminster' story. ECUSA executive council sends greeting to Primates meeting. Clifford Longley about television. All this, and more, in the News Centre.'

We noticed this week that the ECUSA national office has started using the name rather than the that has been its web address for years. Since that name is so similar to (Grace Church in Southgate, Michigan), (a hostile breakaway sect in Colorado), (All Saints, Riverside, California), (Diocese of Tennessee, but unused) and (Transfiguration, Vail, Colorado) we thought that perhaps ECUSA was preparing itself to be booted out of the Anglican world, and thus out of Perhaps not. Names are so very symbolic; it is fun to try to find meaning in them.

There's a review of the movie Hannibal in Anglican Media Sydney and another (Hannibal and Dante?) in Killing the Buddha. It's rare to have access to a current film review in a religious publication, and most unusual to have two. It's quite intriguing to compare the reviews, but we at Anglicans Online can't take gory—if excellent—films, so we'll be giving it a miss.

The Department of Psychology at the Catholic University of America are interested in examining the ways in which people turn to religion in times of stress. (You do, don't you?) With the Center for Planning and Information Technology, they have developed a web questionnaire and have requested the participation of readers of Anglicans Online, amongst others. They assured us that responses are strictly anonymous. We note that they estimate the questionnaire will take about 30 minutes, so if you're inclined to assist, you might want to ensure you have a block of time to do so.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
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Last updated: 18 February 2001