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Hallo again to all at the beginning of the great 50 days. Rejoice! (And again we say rejoice!)Rejoice!

As we think about the cycle of the church year, we note that some seasons are defined by purpose or meaning, and others by emotion or style. Advent and Lent have deep meaning, and tend to be sombre. Eastertide, on the other hand, is jubilation, and, in jubilation, there is energy and emotion but not always focus. Who needs focus, after all, when the Lord has risen indeed?

In New This Week you'll find a spectrum of new sites in which to be jubilant, from an article on 'Episcopalians in the Arctic' and a review of 'In the Lion's Court', the new book by Antonia Fraser on power, ambition, and sudden death in the reign of Henry VIII. There are new parish sites round the Communion, Canada to EnZed, and a new link to live webcasts of the choral Eucharist from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Wondering whether an Anglican priest can serve effectively as an agony aunt? Have a look at the Reverend Dr Carrie Pemberton's e-chaplain web pages and see what you think.

And what about the 'e-word'? Anglicans Online own columnist Pierre Whalon muses in his latest about evangelism in the Episcopal Church in the USA: 'What Will it Take to Double Our Size?'

Over in the News Centre there are no big juicy stories nor any great theme. People are being jubilant and newspapers are writing about them. One article noted in the News Centre complains that the church is obsessed with music; another about the ruckus over the bones of St Thérèse touring Ireland. If you read nothing else in the News Centre this week, read the article dated 16 April about the life of a bishop in Uganda.

Every year or so, Brian surveys the world of Anglican internet naming and writes about what he sees. This year he was motivated to write sooner than usual because Anglicans Online found itself a victim of domain-name poaching. We suppose that this is a sign that we're important, but it is nevertheless a minor annoyance. Read Brian's report here.

We frequently receive emails from our readers commenting on some aspect or other of our front-page letters. We always enjoy what our readers send us, even if they are cross or wish we hadn't published something. If you miss a letter and would like to review what we said or linked to in an earlier AO edition, be sure to visit our archives section. It's been listed over at the left of this page for a long time, but you might have missed it.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 22 April 2001