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Hallo again to all on this third Sunday of Easter.

Tomb of Bishop G W DoaneFriday 27 April was the 142nd anniversary of the death of the Right Reverend G W Doane, II Bishop of New Jersey (episcopate 1832-1859), whom we at Anglicans Online have always considered to be our patron. It is our custom on that date to visit his grave in the churchyard of St Mary's in Burlington, New Jersey USA, where in recent years a churchwarden has rung bells between noon and 1pm, the hour of his death. Bishop Doane was instrumental in the design of the church building whose tower holds those bells.

For centuries, churches have been the scene of a struggle between old and new customs, and it sometimes surprises people to learn that customs they think of as ageless, such as organ music or collection plates or wooden pews, were in fact invented recently enough that the inventor's name is known. Bishop Doane was an innovator in the church as well as being a brilliant and impassioned writer, liturgical pioneer, hymnodist, educator, and intellectual. He was friends with Wordsworth and Newman, but equally as loving to the humblest people in his diocese. We have made a conscious effort to copy his style and look up to his character during the years that we have worked to make Anglicans Online what it is today; thank you for humouring our use of this space to remember him.

Four living bishops are making Anglican news this week. The Most Revd Dr George Carey spoke in the National Cathedral in the USA, and the American press seems not to have noticed. The Most Revd Peter Hollingworth has been named Australia's next governor-general. The Most Revd Desmond Tutu gave what he called his last interview to The Telegraph in London. And the Rt Revd Samuel Musabyimana, former bishop of Shyogwe in Rwanda, was arrested by the United Nations and charged with genocide. All of these stories are in our News Centre.

We welcome to the web this week new parish sites from Australia, Canada, England, Brazil, and the States, along with new cathedral web sites in the USA and Brazil. We do not normally note in this space updates of parish web sites, but Resurrection Episcopal Church in Florida USA has done an unusually good job with theirs. We especially like their 'What do I do?' section, with good information for newcomers about what goes on in an American Episcopal church.

Thou art the Way,
to thee alone from sin and death we flee;
and all who would the Father seek,
must seek him, Lord, by thee.

Thou art the Truth,
thy word alone true wisdom can impart;
thou only canst inform the mind
and purify the heart.
Thou art the Life,
the rending tomb proclaims thy conquering arm;
and those who put their trust in thee
nor death nor hell shall harm.

Thou art the Way,
the Truth, the Life: grant us that way to know,
that truth to keep, that life to win,
whose joys eternal flow.*

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland's signature
  Brian Reid's signature
Cynthia McFarland
  Brian Reid

Last updated: 29 April 2001

*'Thou art the Way,' perhaps G W Doane's best-known hymn.