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Call to Prayer posterHallo again to all.

Quick: Did you know that you had been requested, by the primates of the Anglican Communion, to pray for the 'unity, work, witness, needs, and mission of the Anglican/Episcopal family of churches around the world' during the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost?

Alas, we had only the dimmest notion of this admirable initiative. To judge from emails we've received, we're not alone. Publicity surrounding this call to prayer seems not to have been 'on the radar', as the expression has it, for reasons we don't quite understand. We take seriously this injunction and will add our prayers to yours in the next days, for our beloved communion. See the Call to Prayer web pages, where you can find intercessions and liturgies.

From nine days to 9,500 links* ... It is hard to imagine that just a few months ago, we proudly listed 'More than 6000 links' on our banner. 9500 linksNow it is as you see above. We work hard at keeping all our links current and unbroken (we have 20-something wonky just now), but do be understanding if you find something has gone missing. It's a massive number to look after!

In New This Week you'll find parish sites in Brazil, the States, Australia, Canada, and England (which country at the moment seems to have the most energetic parish web developers). Lincoln Cathedral is new to AO and if you visit, you'll find a graphically appealing and informative, if occasionally befuddling, site. Watts and Company, the venerable ecclesiastical furnishers, have an elegant web site that, whilst elegant, is odd. See what you think. Also in New This Week, we enjoyed the article on Gothic Revival churches in New Jersey in an online magazine devoted to ecclesiastical architecture in that state.

Simon Sarmiento kindly served as News Centre editor this week for Brian, whose father died this morning. Brian wrote movingly of the experience of being at his father's bedside and asked that we share his reflection with readers of Anglicans Online.

Give to the living mercy and grace,
       to the dead rest and life perpetual:
give to the Church truth and peace,
       to us sinners penitence and pardon.

                     From the Preces Privatae of Lancelot Andrewes.

See you next week.

Cynthia McFarland's signature
Brian Reid's signature
Simon Sarmiento's signature
Cynthia McFarland
Brian Reid
Simon Sarmiento


Last updated: 27 May 2001

*The term 'link' might not be familiar to you. When you click on something, to have your browser move to another page, the thing that you click on is a 'link'. What it means for us to have 9,500 links is that there are 9,500 resources that you can find through Anglicans Online.