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News flash 19 June: Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out against planned AMiA consecrations.

Hallo again to all.

When unexpected or exciting things happen, that is newsworthy, and we do our best to report it. When expected and everyday things happen, that is not normally seen as newsworthy, and we usually don't report it. We don't think we've ever run an announcement that 'Millions of People Went to Church Today!!!!!' or 'Uncontroversial Priest Ordained by Uncontroversial Bishop'. We also try not to quote scripture too much, because we assume that you can and do read it quite ordinarily and that, like us, you attend services in church at least once a week and pay attention during the readings.'A Life Less Ordinary' poster

We are now in the longest and most ordinary season of the church year, the Sundays after Trinity (or Pentecost). In the northern hemisphere, most schools are out for the summer and in the southern hemisphere, students are hunkering down for winter study. All quite as expected. Part of what is wonderful about life, about our faith, and about our church are the seasons and times of ordinariness. But ...

Being ordinary does not make good copy. We'll quickly admit that. However, once in a while, we don't mind. Anglicans Online is (blessedly) beholden to no one. If we want to conclude that a week is quite an ordinary week with only ordinary things going on, well, no corporate sponsors can threaten to pull their banner adverts!

This is such a week. There are a few new parish web pages in Canada and England and the USA. Truro Cathedral has a new web site. The BBC is still looking for a person to head its Religion Department. Newspapers found some stories. And millions of people went to church, sang hymns, listened to readings from the Bible, took communion, greeted one another, and went home feeling a little closer to Jesus. Life could be worse.

This just in: A bit of excitement we received in our inbox for those of you who always wanted to play a vicar on the telly. So there we are: One never knows when ordinariness will be punctuated by a surprise. After all, just think of the Incarnation. (Call it a life less ordinary.)

See you next week.

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Last updated: 17 June 2001