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Hallo again to all.

Most of the Anglican world seems to take a few weeks of holiday in the summertime. We live in the northern hemisphere, so our summer is now. We've talked about taking today off, and writing something frivolous in this letter.

AO as a late 1930s Pelican paperback
We'll likely never be a book.

We thought briefly about a reader-feedback question, such as 'what is your favourite hymn?' or 'what is the most Anglican of vegetables?' or 'if you could arrange for God to smite down one bishop, who would it be?' But in addition to being foolish, those questions would also require us to do twice as much work next week, tallying the results and trying to find deep meaning in them. What use would it be, taking a holiday, if it made twice as much work for us next week?

Desperate for some theme for a sensible letter on a vacation day, we began reading through many of our old weekly letters, most of which are in our archives. And then we realised that this is what we want to write about this week: how our little weekly publication has grown into the most widely-read Anglican publication in the world. We smiled at the simplicity of our issue of 2 November 1997, just a month or two after we took over publication of Anglicans Online. We were surprised to recall just how far in the past were the infamous 'Singapore consecrations' first mentioned by us in our issue of 6 February 2000. We happily remembered how many people said they enjoyed the Leonard Cohen poem that we cited in our issue of 28 November 1999. We managed to mystify everyone with our obscure reference to a Klein bottle in our issue of 27 August 2000, and we enjoyed writing about Our Lady of Guadalupe, universally known in the Spanish-speaking world but largely mysterious among English speakers, in our issue of 12 December 1999.

So, this week, we're not so much going to write a new letter as ask you to go back and read some of our old ones. We have them all on backup tapes, and someday we'll even find time to restore the missing issues, but there are about 150 back issues in our archives, and many of them warrant a second look.

We'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention that our New This Week page lists new parishes in Canada, England, and Ireland, a whole boatload of new parishes in Georgia USA, and a new diocese in Korea. Our News Centre actually contains some news, and our Christian and Ministry Resources page, now with its own page editor, just keeps getting better and better.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
Brian Reid

Last updated: 19 August 2001