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Hallo again to all.

Anglicans Online is devoted to using online communication to foster and further Anglican Christianity. From time to time we talk about how we do this. We search, we edit, we cull, we analyse, we read, we write. Postbox EIIR vintageWe try hard to keep up with email from our readers, though that isn't always easy. We excerpt below some of the recent correspondence that has been more difficult to answer.

I'm a new Christian and I'm not sure what church to join. I've spent some time going to a Pentecostal church and a catholic church, I haven't been to church in a while though I still have faith. There is an Anglican church up the road from my house I was thinking of going to take alook of a Sunday. To day I was walking down the street and a lady who said she was a Christian handed me a letter thing about a new life and got my phone number what church would she of been from ????? And would it be a proper Christian church? Any info would be good thank you.

(24 April). I am trying to contact the Anglican Cathedral on Zanzibar because I want to get married there on 26 May. Do you have an e-mail address for the Rev. there and if not, do you have any other contact info. The Diocese in Arusha, Tanzania is unlikely to be able to help as they are a bit too far from the island.

There is an image of the griffon on your web site. I would like to know if it is copyrighted. I am interested in using as my logo in my new investment publishing newsletter.

Dear Sir or Madam I am Writing all the way from the United Kingdom (England) and i need some help to trace an older friend, who I've lost touch with who when to church. Now Possibly married in the name of ______ (But I'm Not 100%) This might be a little cheekey way of doing this sort of thing, but its 8 years since l last sore here and 7 years since we last spoke. we first met in england at a christian. I moved to london then on againI am now at witts end, not knowing how she is or how shes been keeping, One could say i miss her greatly. It Was Me That Moved Home And Never wrote Or Phone To Give My New Address or phone number.

I am an alumni student from __________. Do the above mentioned churches in Dayton, Ohio believe as the Church of the Resurrection at Wheaton i.e., do they believe in praying in tongues or the "heavenly language"? I think they folks had another descriptive name for this. I would appreciate advisal, as I have been looking for this type since my recent return.

Hi, as a baptised anglican, I have had second thoughts after talking to Jahovas witneses. Does not the bible say there is only one God and he tolerates no rival? How can Jesus be God with his father? Is the Anglican church not founded by Henry the 8th, a wife killer? bye John

Why will not the Diocese of _____ sign and send us the lease for our home, which we paid for in January, so we can move house? The emotional damage they are causing my wife and myself is astronomical. This predicament has been going on for well over a year now and we are at the end of the line!!! Can you help please?

how are you please send me the full postal address of the church thanks

My Names _____ and i've just come over from the states. I would really just like to know all about your organisation and if the churches here are different from those back home. What do you guys wear? How is everything organised?

'How is everything organised?' We wonder about this ourselves at times.

Meanwhile, whilst we all ponder the mystery of the Anglican Communion, be sure to check New This Week and of course the News Centre, where the dog days of a northern-hemispheric summer continue.

See you next week.

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Last updated: 26 August 2001