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This page last updated 28 October 2001
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We list two (sometimes three) weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. As they disappear from this page, you'll find the links moved to their natural home categories in our resource pages.

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Week of 28 October 2001

Anglican Franciscans in Australia

BC: Mission, All Saints (New Westminster)
Manitoba: Winnipeg, St John's Cathedral (Rupert's Land)

Barrow-in-Furness, St Mark (Carlisle)
Barrow-in-Furness, St Paul (Carlisle)
Walney Island, St Mary (Carlisle)

Living Stones Consultancy

Episcopal Elections
The Diocese of Alabama has elected the Revd Mark H Andrus as Bishop Suffragan.

We have received an unofficial report that the Diocese of Western Kansas has elected the Revd James M Adams Jr as diocesan bishop.

New Zealand
Dunstan, Dunstan Parish (Dunedin)
Eastland, Eastland Region (Waiapu)
Hawke's Bay, Hawke's Bay Region (Waiapu)
Mataura, St Saviour (Dunedin)

News Centre
Christians massacred in Pakistan. British Muslims will soon outnumber Anglicans. Another Nigerian state falls to Sharia. Churches for sale in England. Sydney archbishop deplores fundamentalism. Several bits about Islam vs Christianity. Preparing for All Hallow's Eve. More talk in Ireland. Church college wins 'University' status. Selling shares in Ely Cathedral. Church of England relaxes some wedding rules. Oath in courts to become secular. Church attendance still growing and Bible sales still high. Parish conflict in Zimbabwe. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Parish Office
Living Stones Consultancy

Aberdeen, Holburn Junction, St James (Aberdeen and Orkney)

Indiana: Evansville, St Paul (Indianapolis)
New York: Massapequa, Grace Church (Long Island)

Cayman Islands: St George (Jamaica)

Worth Noting
Love's Redeeming Work: A review by A N Wilson, writing in The Telegraph, of the new book by Anglican bishops Rowell, Stevenson, and Williams.

The art of suicide. A review by Dr Julian Litten, writing in the Church Times, of the new book by Ron M Brown. The 'art' referenced here is not 'skill' but 'painting and sculpture and prose'.

Week of 21 October 2001

Queensland: Gold Coast, Gold Coast Deanery (Brisbane)

Labrador: Cartwright, Anglican Parish of Cartwright (Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador)

Finedon, St Mary the Virgin (Peterborough)
Millbrook, All Saints (Truro)
St John-in-Cornwall, St John the Baptist (Truro)
Woodley, Emmanuel Church (Oxford)

Campaign for the Reform of Ordinand Selection: seeking to reform the Church of England's selection procedures so that far fewer will be rejected. Curiously, this website provides no way to respond except by snailmail.
Come to the Feast: a book to be published soon by SCM-Canterbury Press that is a companion and reader's guide to Common Worship Holy Communion. This is a web page for that book.

Episcopal Elections
The Diocese of Missouri has announced the names of the four candidates for Bishop Coadjutor.

We have a report that the Revd Bob Gepert has been elected 8th Bishop of Western Michigan. We have not yet confirmed this report with official sources.

Germany: Bonn, St Boniface (Diocese in Europe)
Germany: Cologne, All Saints (Diocese in Europe)

4 November 2001, Worldwide
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Over 200 million Christians are persecuted throughout the world, up to 150,000 killed per year for their faith in Christ. See

10 November 2001, Rhode Island, USA
Requiem Mass and Annual Meeting of the American Branch of the Guild of All Souls.

14-27 July 2002, Oxford, England
The CS Lewis Summer Institute. Over 2000 conferees from around the world are expected to gather at this triennial event to consider the life and legacy of C.S. Lewis and explore the larger implications of that legacy in the realms of both mind and spirit.

Coventry Music: a record label 'dedicated to creating premiere recordings of timeless music of the Christian faith, recorded around the world.'
Recorded Anglican Cathedral Music. 'This site is the catalog of a large collection of recorded Anglican cathedral music.'
Starshine Music: 'A recently established venture specialising in quality music for schools and youth groups. Our Christmas musicals and our new Christmas Songbook are proving to be very popular across the UK.'

New Zealand
Nelson Night Shelter: a short-term emergency shelter in the Diocese of Nelson. The web page is clearly for people who want to donate money to it and not people who need to stay there.

News Centre
Edward Norman on church leadership. Archbishop Eames on the IRA. Judge rules that South Carolina law awards church to congregation, not diocese. A discussion of the name 'Osama'; a report on an Arabic-language RC service in London. Obituaries of Elizabeth Hoare and Lord Hailsham. Much discussion of the bones of the saints. More light on the words of the Bishop of Chester. George Carey meets Yasser Arafat. Anthrax scares reach Anglican places. More riots in Nigeria. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Odds and Ends
Anglican Prayer Network: 'The Anglican Prayer Network is a fellowship of Christian men and women; we express our faith, as found in the orthodox Anglican tradition; our ministry focuses on praying for men, women, and children who are in need of it.'

Arkansas: North Little Rock, St Luke (Arkansas)
Virginia: Burke, Good Shepherd (Virginia)
Virginia: Chancellor, Messiah (Virginia)
Virginia: Charlottesville, Church of the Cross (Virginia)
Virginia: Falls Church, Potomac Falls Church (Virginia)
Virginia: Louisa, St James (Virginia)
Virginia: Millwood, Cunningham Chapel Parish (Virginia)

Military Prayer: a site encouraging prayer for members of the US and allied military. Don't miss the 'Noon prayer challenge' linked from its front page.

Augsburg Fortress Online: Dealers in education resources, books, worship resources, music, ecclesiastical arts, and gifts. Owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
C M Almy: makers of fine church goods and furnishings.

Worth Noting
Waging an unholy war: A review by Geoffrey Moorhouse in The Guardian of Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade by James Reston Jr.

The Muslim Jesus: Sayings and stories in Islamic literature: A review by Saad Souissi in the Church Times of a book by Tarif Khalidi published by Harvard University Press.

Noon Prayer: web page of the All Angels Chapter of the Junior Daughters of the King and Christians In Action (CIA) Youth Group, Lincoln County, New Mexico.

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