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Hallo again to all.

Today in our New This Week section we list a new web page for the Iglesia Anglicana de la Región Central de América. This is a particularly auspicious event, because that page reaches the 50 percent mark in the Anglican Communion. There are 554 entities (dioceses, provinces, etc.) in the Anglican Communion, and 277 of them now have web pages. We like this.

For many years, Anglicans Online has kept a global focus. We're devoted not just to the church in this country or that country, but to the Anglican Communion in every country. We believe that with our 200,000 readers we are the most widely-read publication in the Anglican world, but we are completely certain that we are the most widely-written online publication. Nobody covers the Anglican Communion like we do.

It's particularly troublesome for us, therefore, to admit to ourselves that the Anglican Communion doesn't really exist. The member provinces are free to do whatever they wish, subject to the threat of being expelled from the Communion. One of those provinces, the Church of England, chooses from among its members and friends the person whom the world holds to be the leader of the Anglican Communion, since the world firmly believes that this Communion exists.

We more or less believe that it exists, too, or we'd not be able to summon the energy to publish Anglicans Online every week (not missing a week, rain or shine, since September 1997). We just aren't sure entirely what 'it' is. Whatever it is, if you want to know about it, please check our web site first.

The News Centre is, like last week, bursting with news about the race to replace the Archbishop of Canterbury. Whoever he is, the world will see him as the leader of the Anglican Communion, whatever it is. Most Anglicans live in countries with no say at all in the selection process. But we know that everyone outside the UK is still vastly interested. We're toying with the idea of telling you who our favourite candidate is, but that might be a violation of our long-standing tradition of remaining politically neutral. Then, sometimes traditions change.

After you catch your breath from reading the News Centre, do have a look at New This Week and give special attention to an invitation to comment on four questions about the Anglican Communion asked by the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission. We can't imagine any better people to answer them than readers of Anglicans Online.

See you next week.

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