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Describe your vacancy!Hallo again to all.

The Fourth Sunday in Lent has more aliases than one can imagine: Rose Sunday, Mothering Sunday, Refreshment Sunday, Mid-Lent, Laetare—all of them with sound historical reasons for having some claim on the day. Given the choice this year, we'd take 'Laetare'—in English, Rejoice!—for it's our great pleasure to rejoice in bringing to Anglicans Online something we've had in mind for a long time: a Vacancies Centre.

Through the years we've had many plaintive e-mails from parishes—especially parishes in the developing world—asking if Anglicans Online could assist them in finding a priest, telling us they couldn't afford the cost of print advertising. Other parishes with limited budgets have baulked at print fees and queried us about alternatives. Although we wanted to help, we had no way of doing so. As volunteers, we couldn't see how to take on one more task—and a huge one at that.

But at last we've been able to put together the pieces: the right editor (Welcome, Peter Owen!) and the right tools (eCommerce and sophisticated behind-the-scenes improvements to our web server), along with the conviction that this service is one needed within our beloved Anglican Communion.Vacancies Centre PDF info sheet

We've made posting a position-open advert easy. No complicated 'download and fax it to us' forms, no 'write a cheque and send it in postal mail'. You fill in a simple online form. You preview your advert straightaway. You pay for it online via a secure server. And then your advert will be posted on what is arguably the best-known Anglican site on the Net.

Until the end of March you can post any position vacancy advert utterly free. Need an organist? Tell the world. Looking for a vicar? Get the message out. Want to fill a senior staff position in a diocesan office? Broadcast your vacancy to the roughly 100,000 Anglicans who read AO every month. But hurry! (As they say on the telly.) After 29 March, we'll initiate our very reasonable fee of US $80 for a four-week block of time at Anglicans Online. You can read all the details here.

We didn't stop with vacancy adverts at AO. Peter Owen searched every online diocesan web site to see if there were vacancies postings; if there were, we've linked them. You can browse the entire communion from our doorstep!

Help us spread the word about the Vacancies Centre. Let your friends, colleagues, and diocese know of this new feature. Perhaps a neighbouring parish is searching for a priest. Here is a one-sided broadsheet (flyer) that gives all the details. It downloads in a flash (it's just over 50K) and fits on an A4 or US standard-size paper.

If you have questions about our new service, e-mail To get to the Vacancies section, you'll find a link in the menu to the left and on the navigation bar at the top of every page in our site.

So on this Fourth Sunday in Lent, we're rejoicing. We hope you are, too.

See you next week.

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Cynthia McFarland
Brian Reid

Last updated: 10 March 2002