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This page last updated 31 March 2002
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

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Week of 31 March 2002

Western Australia: Swan, Anglican Parish of Swan (Perth)

Australian liturgies for Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Easter: Trial liturgies for Ash Wednesday; Sunday of the Passion (Palm Sunday); Maundy Thursday; Good Friday; The Great Vigil of Easter.

Diocese of Bunbury: Diocesan youth web site

Books, Magazines, etc.
Tractarian Press: Publishes classic Anglo-Catholic reprints and new books on the 'Continuing Anglican' churches. The submitter says: 'They publish what I think is the first in-depth history of the Continuing Anglican movement, and also reprints of old Oxford Movement and Anglo-Catholic texts. I have not been able to find many of these texts in print anywhere but through this site'.

Theological Colleges and Schools
Caledonia School of Mutual Ministry: A member of the Canadian Association of Theological Colleges and Schools.

Derby Cathedral, Diocese of Derby

Clifton, St Paul (Bristol)
Dartford, Ashen Drive Church, a 'plant' from Christ Church in Dartford who have their own site. (Rochester)
Halifax, St John the Baptist (Wakefield)
Landulph, Parish Church of St Leonard and St Dilph (Truro)

Episcopal elections
The Diocese of Texas is electing a coadjutor.

Italy: Sicily, Taormina, St George (Diocese in Europe)

Call for Papers
There will be a major three-day conference on the History of Anglicanism 15-17 September 2003 in Nottingham University. Entitled 'Inventing Anglicanism?', the Conference seeks to examine the ways in which Anglicanism has been defined and developed in the Church of England since the Reformation. To offer a paper, or obtain more information, please contact Prof. Alan Ford, Department of Theology, University of Nottingham, Nottingham NG72RD or email:

Belfast Cathedral, the Cathedral Church of St Anne, Diocese of Down and Dromore

New Zealand
Diocese of Waikato —

Mihinare Today: Online news of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia

News Centre
Funeral arrangements for the Queen Mother. To Wales or not, that is the question. Bishop of London now would ordain women. Ruth Gledhill returns. Christopher Howse on church authority structures. Most agree on Saturday that Jesus is dead. Gory crucifixion drama in England. Old churches become new homes. ABC candidate profile of Christopher Herbert. Bishop of Harare given sanctions by US Government. Australian Governor-General meets sex-abuse victim. Crown Appointments Commission now complete. Manicaland needs nurses. More sex abuse by clergy. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Illinois: Hoffman Estates, Church of the Holy Innocents (Chicago)
Texas: Houston, St James (Texas)
Virginia: Marshall, St Andrew's, Ada (Virginia)

Educational resources: preparatory schools
New Jersey: Burlington, St Mary's Hall, pre-kindergarten through grade 12. (Founded in 1837, it is the oldest continuing Episcopal-heritage preparatory school in the United States.)

Texas: DeSoto, The Canterbury Episcopal School, kindergarten through grade 12

Vacancies Centre
Browse openings round the Anglican Communion in our Vacancies Centre. Or check out listings on diocesan web sites throughout the Anglican Communion. Have a post to fill in your parish or diocese? List your vacancy for a month at AO for only US $80 (convert that to your currency here). Visit the Vacancies Centre for more information.

Henwood Church Supplies (Folkestone, England): A long established family business of ecclesiastical silversmiths and vestment makers. 'We manufacture a wide range of London hallmarked English silver items; e.g., chalices, ciboria, communion sets, oil stocks, baptismal bowls'.

Worth Noting
'Become a born-again atheist for Easter': Simon Jenkins, writing in The Times, argues that Easter has become a pagan festival. There are two people named Simon Jenkins who write about the Anglican church, one an architectural historian and the other a humourist. It is not immediately obvious from this which of the two of them wrote it.

Body found in Jerusalem may have been witness to the crucifixion: The Telegraph reports on a recent archaeological discovery in Jerusalem by Dr Shimon Gibson.

Can the church survive? William F Buckley Jr, writing for syndication, argues that the problem with churches is that we humans are members of them.

Easter must be a celebration of life: Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford, argues in The Observer that our collective will to live is more than mere biology. Bishop Harries' comments are perhaps more credible because he is not a candidate to become the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Easter's Challenge: The Sydney Morning Herald notes that by all accounts, the significance of the first Easter Sunday was not immediately apparent.

Holy week in Seville: Elizabeth Saville, travel correspondent for The Independent, writes that 'Nothing prepares you for the magnificence of Seville's Holy Week celebrations, which reached their climax before dawn yesterday with hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts jamming the streets.'

How Easter adds up: Peter Watson, writing in The Times, explains the process by which the date of Easter is determined. (Our News Centre editor comments:'This is the best treatment of this topic I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of them'.)

Love's embrace: The Times (London) offers an editorial essay about Good Friday and its role in Christianity.

Diocese of Bunbury: Diocesan youth web site
Diocese of Fredericton: Teens Encounter Christ

Week of 24 March 2002

British Columbia: Greenville, St Andrew (Caledonia)

Harold Wood, St Peter (Chelmsford)
Wrose, St Cuthbert (Bradford)

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Holy Week Our collection of online resources.
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Ramoan and Culfeightrin, Grouped Parishes of Ramoan and Culfeightrin (Connor)

News Centre
Church and State in England, Kenya, and Uganda. Walking across Australia. Man bites dog in Sheffield pub. Reflecting on Foot and Mouth. Religion in America. Second-degree burns at the stake. Sacred and secular mysteries. No ABC candidate profiles, but one dark horse. Hunting of foxes in Britain. Peace committee in Nigeria. No flying bishops in ECUSA. Infighting in Zimbabwe. Rabbit not pulled from hat in Portsmouth. 'Young earth' creationism in British schools. Inquiry in Sierra Leone. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Illinois: Riverside, St Paul (Chicago)
Mississippi: Madison, Chapel of the Cross (Mississippi)

Episcopal Community Services of America: A new organisation to 'share common resources, experience, meaningful discussions on topics of common interest, boards of directors and other training, collaborations, strategic planning, executive transition and leadership development, response to organisational crisis, fund raising and planned giving'. All Episcopal 501(c)3 organisations nationwide are invited to join. (Correction: we listed a wrong URL last week.)

Vacancies Centre
You can post a vacancy for free until 29 March. In addition, you can browse position openings on diocesan web sites throughout the Anglican Communion. Head over to the Vacancies Centre for more information.

Manorbier, St James (St Davids)

Monterrey: Holy Family Church (Northern Mexico)
Monterrey: San Andrés Apóstol (Northern Mexico)

Worth Noting

An island of social justice in the sea of faith: In The Times, Bess Twiston Davies interviews Kathy Galloway, the new leader of the Iona community.

Is religion relevant? The BBC asks the question—and gets answers.

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