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This page last updated 12 May 2002
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We list two (sometimes three) weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. As they disappear from this page, you'll find the links moved to their natural home categories in our resource pages.

If you can't find something that was once here, you can look in our archives or try the AO search engine. It searches our entire site, and it can also search all of the sites to which we link.

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Week of 12 May 2002


Anglicans Together—Promoting Inclusive Anglicanism: 'The Diocese of Sydney is profoundly influenced by Evangelicalism. Anglicans Together supports the idea that the Anglican Church is a church both catholic and reformed. It allows for difference as described in the Lambeth Quadrilateral. We wish to show that our God, as seen in the Lord Jesus Christ, is not a God that can be defined by one point of view but the genius of the Anglican style is that we can draw upon the revelation of God to all God's people'. The site includes a newletter, information about events, an online journal in PDF, and more.

The Movement for the Ordination of Women in Sydney Founded in Sydney in 1983, 'the name and to some extent the impetus for its formation came from the Movement for the Ordination of Women in the United Kingdom... It was principally built however on the inspiration and commitment of already existing Anglican groups and individuals in a number of dioceses, such as Women and Holy Orders in Adelaide and Anglican Women Concerned in Sydney'.

Books, Magazines, etc.
Episcopal Booksellers Association (cross-listed under 'USA Resources', as the bookshops are primarily in the States.)

Marston, St Nicholas (Oxford). [A clean, simple, effective, filled-with-good-content parish site. Our favourite sort.]

Quarrington, St Botoloph and St. Denys Silk Willoughby (Lincoln)

South Shields, Rekendyke, St Jude (Durham)

Stocksgreen (Hildenborough), Stocksgreen, a church plant of St John's, Hildenborough (Rochester). [Stocksgreen is described on the site as 'some kind of funky church thing'. And that's just the beginning of some intriguing prose. We suspect you'll either love this site or find it a little too funky.]

England: Oxford, 22 June - 11 July 2002
Exhibit of Michael Jessing's illustrations of the Book of Psalms, St Giles Church, 22 June - 11 July. More information

USA: Indiana, 20 - 22 June 2002
Gathering the NeXt Generation 2002 Conference

Digital Church Organs. Compton organ specialists in the UK.

News Centre
English can put pictures on headstones. Pope says it's the year of the internet. Rosaries and prayer breads. Mission to seafarers. Nigerian bishops speak out. Interview in Bethlehem. Sydney archbishop speaks out. Alleged Irish heretic resigns. Mobile-phone masts in church. Irish archdeacon speaks out. All this, and a bit more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
The United Anglican Church: 'Dedicated to upholding the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ as delivered to us in the Holy Scripture and maintained inviolate by the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of which we are a province The UAC was established following the merger of the Traditional Episcopal Church (TEC) and the Anglo-Catholic Church in the Americas (ACTA)'.

The Servants of St Benedict the Moor is an ecumenical Franciscan Community in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Alabama: Daphne, Church of the Apostles
(Central Gulf Coast) ['We're a missionary outpost of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast'.]
Mississippi: Meridian, Church of the Mediator (Mississippi)

Episcopal Booksellers Association Bookshops in North America (primarily the USA) who specialise in Anglican-related books.

Seamen's Church Institute of New York and New Jersey: 'The Seamen's Church Institute advocates for the personal, professional, and spiritual well being of merchant mariners around the world. Through its Center for Maritime Education, Center for Seafarers' Rights, and Center for Seafarers' Services, the Institute promotes safety, dignity, and improved working and living conditions for men and women serving in the maritime workplace. Founded in 1834, the Institute is a voluntary, ecumenical agency affiliated with the Episcopal Church and is the largest maritime non-profit in North America.

Vacancies Centre
Have a post to fill in your parish? A vacancy on your diocesan staff? Advertise beyond your own national church. List your opening for one full month at AO for only US $80 (your currency here). Looking for a position? Check out vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion. Visit the Vacancies Centre for more.

Worth Noting
A pilgrim for our age: Bob Holman reflects in The Guardian on The Pilgrim's Progress, which was published this month about 300 years ago.

Spiritual society, secular church? Transcript of a memorial lecture given in Westminster Abbey by the Reverend Mark Oakley.

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Week of 5 May 2002

South Africa: Capetown, The Cathedral Church of St George the Martyr (Diocese of Capetown)

South Africa: Observatory, St Michael and All Angels (Diocese of Capetown)

Associations, guilds
The Society for Ordained Scientists: This dispersed ecumenical preaching order of priest-scientists, of Anglican origin, is 'open to all whose own discipline does not prevent them from participating in an Anglican Holy Eucharist'. The Society has a new web site and some additional material.

Archdeaconry of Labrador: 'Events and sharing of news and information between the six parishes located in the vast Archdeaconry of Labrador, Canada'. (Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador)

Colchester, St Peter (Chelmsford)
Liverpool, Wavertree, Holy Trinity (Liverpool)
Sprotbrough, St Mary (Sheffield)
Sturminster Marshall, Kingston Lacy, and Shapwick: United Benefice (Salisbury)

Liturgical Resources
A mediaeval requiem mass: 'On the 20th of April 2002, All Saints (York, England) hosted a reconstruction of a medieval requiem mass, according to the pre-Reformation use of York. Nearly two hundred people attended the mass, which was celebrated in honour of Nicholas Blackburn junior, a benefactor of the church who died in 1448. The service, which was organised by the Gild of Parish Clerks, was reconstructed as accurately as possible'.

The Organist and Choirmaster Web Page: A South African site for organists and choirmasters 'to post pictures, advertise their services, vote on their favourite Hymn of the Month. Includes a live chat facility'.

News Centre
Representing the triune God. Pram services. ABC visits Ambridge, gets applause. Church in Gambia joins war against AIDS. Pew poll shows USA is a religious, Christian nation. Many Canterbury contenders thought too young. More layoffs at Church of England. Church of Uganda worries about clergy retirement. Diocese of Rochester suspends link with Diocese of Harare. Canadian council asks pay rises for clergy. Uganda bishop speaks out on marriage breakups. Church and state in Kenya. Breaking up in Tampa. Apartheid in Israel? Brazilian Cardinal questions celibacy. US church celebrates 30 years of covenant with nearby RC parish. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Georgia: Cartersville, The Church of the Ascension (Atlanta)
Missouri: Lake Saint Louis, Church of the Transfiguration (Missouri)
Virginia: Orange, St Thomas
Virginia: Woodbridge (Lake Ridge), Christ Our Lord Church (Virginia)

Vacancies Centre
Have a post to fill in your parish? A vacancy on your diocesan staff? Advertise beyond your own national church. List your opening for one full month at AO for only US $80 (your currency here). Looking for a position? Browse openings round the Communion. Check out vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion. Visit the Vacancies Centre for more.

Worth Noting

All we know of heaven and need of hell: Victoria James, writing in the Japan Times, notes that the preoccupation with the more fearful of mankind's purported afterlife alternatives isn't the exclusive preserve of Christian preaching.

The Link between Religion and Health: Psychoneuroimmunology and the Faith Factor. Michael Saunders reviews in the British Medical Journal the new book edited by Harold G Koenig and Harvey Jay Cohen.

Sex and the Church, a Case for Change: Jon Meacham, writing for Newsweek, argues that beyond the current scandals, it's time to rethink sexuality and the sacraments. (Meacham is a practising American Episcopalian.)

The Vision of Saint Randy: Matthew Engel, writing in The Guardian, observes that a waning Christianity in England is being replaced by something he calls 'ethicism'.

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