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This page last updated 26 May 2002
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

ALL THE NEW URLS we receive each week are here. We list two (sometimes three) weeks' worth, cycling the old ones off each week. As they disappear from this page, you'll find the links moved to their natural home categories in our resource pages.

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Week of 26 May 2002

Diocese of Mt Kilimanjaro (Church of the Province of Tanzania)

Newfoundland, Parish of the Holy Spirit: 'Ministry to the Isthmus consists of sixteen congregations that need to be provided with regular worship and pastoral visitation. The churches are located along both sides of the Isthmus of Avalon and north to South Random Sound.' (Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador)

Newcastle upon Tyne (Long Benton),St Bartholomew (Newcastle)

New Zealand
Auckland, St Paul's Symonds Street (Auckland)

News Centre
Reflections on a 'post-Christian' world. Excitement over possibility of bishops' palaces being sold. 'Thou shalt not steal' triggers repentance. No more links to The Times. Surfer's Bible. New suffragan in South Africa. CEN readers vote their preferences for ABC. Scam at St Paul's. Projected liturgy. Pagan Scotland. Bishop wants to abolish church weddings. Vicar berates his flock for being too stingy. Fistfight in Uganda cathedral. US Episcopal pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Lay leaders suspended in Kenya. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Official publications
Diocese of Bathurst: Anglican News Online: The online version of Anglican News, the diocesan newspaper of the Diocese of Bathurst.

Not in the Communion
The Society of the Blessed Redeemer: Affiliated with the Reformed Episcopal Church, the SBR 'exists to promote the greater glory of God by the intentional pursuit of gospel holiness through personal confession, repentance, and restoration. Even though the S.B.R. gathers as Christian men in need of personal sanctification, we do not purpose to separate ourselves from the larger Christian community, but to better serve our families, churches, and the body of Christ world-wide'.

Illinois: Chicago, St-Paul's-by-the-Lake (Chicago)
Louisiana: Mansfield, Christ Memorial (Western Louisiana)
Maine: Cape Elizabeth, St Alban (Maine)
Maine: Machias, St Aidan (Maine)
Maine: Rangeley, Good Shepherd (Maine)
Michigan: Davison, St Dunstan (Eastern Michigan)
Michigan: Holly, St John (Eastern Michigan)
Michigan: Bad Axe, St Paul (Eastern Michigan)

Vacancies Centre
Have a post to fill in your parish? A vacancy on your diocesan staff? Advertise beyond your own national church. List your opening for one full month at AO for only US $80 (your currency here). Looking for a position? Check out vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion. Visit the Vacancies Centre for more.

Yucatan: Cancun, St Michael and All Angels (Southeastern Mexico): 'Cancun's first English language church offers a chaplaincy to all visitors and residents'.

Worth Noting
Fundamental issues: The Rt Revd Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester, writes in The Guardian about Islam and Christianity.

Master builder: Giles Worsley, writing in The Telegrah, looks at the life and works of religious architect Henry Woodyer.

The next Christendom: R Scott Appleby, writing in the New York Times, reflects on the changes to be wrought in global Christianity because of its changing demographics.

Week of 19 May 2002

Victoria: Eaglehawk, Parish of Eaglehawk (Bendigo)

St Luke's is a social work agency providing diverse human services throughout North-Central Victoria, Australia using a client-centred, solution-focused competency-based philosophy. Social justice and community development are agency priorities.

Alberta: Spruce Grove, St Augustine-Parkland (Edmonton)

St James Discussion Group: Created to facilitate communication among parishioners at St James by the Sea Episcopal Church in La Jolla, California. It is open to all, especially those who live near the parish.

Guernsey, Priory and Parish Church of S Michel du Valle (Winchester)
Padgate, Christ Church (Liverpool)
Westbrook, St Philip (Liverpool)
Woolston, Warrington, Ascension (Liverpool)

Resources 'The central liturgical repository of the Royal Army Chaplains Department offering support to some 170 British Chaplains of many denominations wherever the British Army serves at home or abroad. The material is mostly Common Worship, and is presented in a ready-to-print, ready-to-use format. Adobe Acrobat is the preferred distribution. Most of the material is of a general parochial nature, and not too specific to forces chaplaincy. This range of booklets and cards would serve the majority of English parish Churches. The site also has a draft copy of the proposed new Field Service Book. This is planned as a 200-page pocket book containing the core resources of a number of churches for use on military operations'.

Episcopal Elections
Diocese of Texas: Coadjutor candidates announced

Europe: Switzerland, Zurich, 24 - 25 May 2002: International Round Table Discussion
To be held
at the historic Helferei Grossmünster Church in Zurich. The Anglican Centre for Theological Dialogue (ACTD), based in Toronto Canada, is hosting this event at the historic Helferei Grossmünster Church in Zurich. Theme of the event is, "Christ’s Return: The Body of Christ" addressed by four presenters: The Rev. Dr. Dagmar Heller on 'Transforming the Church'; Dr. Helen Cluett on 'The Serpent and the Body of Christ'; Mr. Martin Odermatt on 'The Creative and Destructive Potential of the Sermon on the Mount', and Dr. Robert Strubel on 'The Cross: Masochism or Unavoidable Necessity for Salvation and Healing'. Each 20-minute presentation will be followed by group discussion. Scriptural passages serving as a focus are: John 3: 14-18; Matthew 21: 33-44. In both passages, Christ links recognition of his rejected aspect to the hope of redemption. The question of how to discern Christ’s rejected aspect and to bring about his healing intention is a collective, religious problem that needs to be taken up by the Church. The Centre sees doubt, criticism and questioning as seeds of new understanding. Although affiliated with the Anglican Church, the group’s outreach is ecumenical in the hope of attracting anyone interested in revitalizing the Christian faith. The event is free although seating is limited. Late registration is welcome. For further details e-mail to: For information about ACTD, go to

Canada: Cobourg, Ontario, 4 - 5 June 2002: The Canadian Church in the Third Millennium
On June 4 and 5, 2002, St Peter's Anglican Church, Cobourg, Ontario, will host a national conference on the Canadian Church featuring Professor Reginald Bibby of the University of Lethbridge. Bibby and other speakers drawn from eight Canadian denominations will address the theme "The Canadian Church in the third Millennium."

USA: Indiana, 20 - 22 June 2002: Gathering the NeXt Generation 2002 Conference
Here GenX is defined as those born 1961-1981. The National Gathering will feature workshops for almost every interest and passion. The Expo at the Gathering promises to provide something for everyone. From seminaries (including Nashotah House and Seabury-Western) to publishers (including Abingdon Press and Cowley), to affinity groups (including Episcopal Marriage Encounter, American Anglican Council, Episcopal Women's Caucus, and Episcopal Peace Fellowship), there will be plenty of resources and plenty of opportunities for conversation. Come peruse, purchase, and play! For more information, or to be an exhibitor, contact the Registrar, the Revd Darrin Elin or the Revd Tom Sramek, Jr.

Australia: Morpeth, 8 - 14 January 2003: National Anglican Youth Gathering
NAYG occurs every two years and this is the first time that it has not been hosted in a capital city. We look forward to welcoming you to Newcastle in 2003!

England -> Florida (August 2003)
North-East England, at the heart of the ancient Celtic roots of English Christianity, 17 miles from the beautiful city of Durham, 2 miles from the beach, 40 miles from the historic city of York, 25 miles from the city of Newcastle, 30 miles from Hadrian's Wall and the Scottish borders beyond. 4 bedroom suburban house available for 2 weeks in August 2003 for exchange with family in Florida, preferably within an hour of the major theme parks. NO CLERGY DUTIES required during the stay.

England -> somewhere (Summer 2003)
'I'm the curate to the Penrith Parish Team in Cumbria, England. Our home is on the edge of the English Lake District with marvellous hill walking, sailing, etc. The town of Penrith is small (15,000) but offers light entertainment, good British Ale, and reflects the somewhat turbulent history of the past (we are only 30 minutes from the Scottish Border). Up the road is Hadrian's Wall, so if you're into Roman history this is the place for you; likewise if you enjoy Wordsworth, we live 20 minutes in the car from his home; if Robert Burns is your style, it's 45 minutes and you're in his home county in Scotland. We're looking to holiday between end of July to beginning of September 2003, for several weeks. Interested? Contact us, Chris Casey,'

News Centre
Spat over hospital in Kenya. Church and state in Britain. Eco-summit in South Africa. Debriefing from Bethlehem. Primate of Kenya to retire. ABC calls for livelier sermons. Calco Treatise surfaces. Nigerian church plans endowment fund. Irish dean unrepentant. Welsh enthrone 127th Bishop of St David's. Cubans want to return to ECUSA. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
The Apostolic Charismatic Missionary Church: "We see ourselves as an expression of the ancient-future Church of Jesus Christ, where the streams of Christian tradition and spirituality converge and flow together. Emphasizing the interweaving of the Charismatic, Evangelical and Liturgical/Sacramental, we identify with and stand in connection with the ancient historic apostolic traditions of standing firm on Christ. Our Liturgical Rites are the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil, and the Holy Qurbana."

Servants of Saint Benedict the Moor: An ecumenical Franciscan order, which says: 'We, as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, desire to live the gospel life in this world honestly, simply, joyfully, and according to the Rule of St Francis of Assisi. ... We exist under the patronage and foundation of the presiding bishop of the Apostolic Catholic Church in America, but we are an ecumenical community. We have professed members from various Christian, and even non-Christian traditions who chose to live in the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi as Associates'.

Georgia: Griffin, St George (Atlanta)

Vacancies Centre
Have a post to fill in your parish? A vacancy on your diocesan staff? Advertise beyond your own national church. List your opening for one full month at AO for only US $80 (your currency here). Looking for a position? Check out vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion. Visit the Vacancies Centre for more.

Uganda: Diocese of Mityana

Spain: Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church (unofficial site)

Worth Noting
Defender of the Faith: a title still with meaning: David Edwards, writing in The Tablet, reviews God Save the Queen, by Ian Bradley.

The role of religion in the modern world: Joan Smith writes in The Times that 'It is not just militant Islam that frightens me; it is the 40 million Americans who identify themselves as Christian conservatives'. The Times published a few letters to the editor about this piece.

Saints and sinners: Robert Nowell, writing in The Guardian, reflects on the life of John Henry Newman.

Sydney's unlikely allies: Lucy Wooding, writing in The Tablet, writes about the Anglican evangelicals of Sydney. 'The Anglican evangelicals of Sydney are in a category of their own. The city’s archbishop sees himself as upholding the true Puritan tradition. And he has now found something of an ally in his Catholic counterpart.'

Miracle stories reveal values of a religion: Susan Moss, writing in the National Catholic Reporter, reviews The Book of miracles: the meaning of the miracle stories in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam by Kenneth L Woodward.

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