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This page last updated 23 June 2002
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

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Week of 23 June 2002

New South Wales: Killara, St Martin (Sydney)
Victoria: Pyramid Hill: Parish of Pyramid Hill/Boort (Bendigo) [Note: this is a '.info' domain, which not everyone can see]

Books, publications, libraries
The John Bishop Charitable Trust: 'Supports theological learning by maintaining and furnishing scholarships for the library (Anglican and ecumenical studies) of the late Dr John Bishop, priest of the Church of England'. The library is housed at the Abbey of Notre-Dame du Bec-Hellouin in Normandy, France.

British Columbia: Vancouver, St John's Shaughnessy (New Westminister)
Ontario: Stouffville, Christ Church (Toronto)

Coventry, St Bartholomew (Coventry)
Kenilworth, St Nicholas and St Barnabas (Coventry)
Stockport, Reddish, St Elisabeth (Manchester)

Episcopal Elections
Anglican Church of Canada
Bishop Andrew Atagotaaluk, currently a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of the Arctic, was elected coadjutor bishop of the diocese on May 25. He will become diocesan on 31 August. Bishop Atagotaaluk, 51, is the first Inuit Anglican diocesan bishop. He was elected suffragan bishop in May 1999 after serving as a priest in Pond Inlet, Inukjuak, Spence Bay and Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut.

Episcopal Church in the USA
The Right Reverend Don Wimberly, formerly the Bishop of Lexington and subsequently Assistant Bishop of Texas, has been elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Texas. For more see

Liturgical resources
The Freeze Frame Mass (Please note that this is a PDF file): 'How the Mysteries are celebrated at the church of the Ascension and St. Agnes, Washington D.C., an ongoing commentary by a priest associate that has been serialized over the past year. There are 185 or so pages online now, more will follow as this is still a work in progess. The author is the Rev. Richard Major, our sometime associate, who is also a correspondent for The Tablet. This series was begun to explain our elaborate ritual to parishioners and visitors alike'.

News Centre
Plan for robotic priests rumoured, to avoid sex-related problems. Canadian groups wish to leave church over sex-related problems and take the church buildings with them. ABC visits Rome. Threats issued to British government over ABC selection rumours, of which many abound. Ruth Gledhill gets a front-page story in The Times with her scoop on the recommendation of the Crown Appointments Commission. Parishes in Canada meet to plan post-diocesan governance structure. A bishop speaks out in Uganda. All this, and not a lot more (it's summer in the northern hemisphere), in the News Centre.

Florida: Lakeland, All Saints (Central Florida)
Illinois: Centralia, St John (Springfield)
New Jersey: Newark, House of Prayer (Newark)
Wisconsin: Sussex, St Alban (Milwaukee)

Servant Year: 'A one-year service opportunity in urban ministry for recent US college and university graduates. Servant Year is principally linked to the Episcopal Church but also affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America'.

Vacancies Centre
Have a post to fill in your parish? A vacancy on your diocesan staff? Advertise beyond your own national church. List your opening for one full month at AO for only US $80 (your currency here). Looking for a position? Check out vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion. Visit the Vacancies Centre for more.

Worth Noting

Unprecedented Anglican Exhibition at Vatican: Philip Pullella (Reuters) writes: 'Nearly half a millennium after it split from
Rome, the Anglican Church has been welcomed back to the bosom of the Vatican -- at least in spirit. An unprecedented exhibition on Anglicanism is on view in no less a place than the Vatican museums...'

Week of 16 June 2002

Diocese of Johannesburg —

Teens Encounter Christ (Anglican Church of Canada), Saskatchewan

Education and Ministries
Ministry Developers' Collaborative: An ECUSA-based site 'opening doors for growth and learning among those called to develop ministering congregations by building links among dioceses, seminaries, institutes, and programs'.

Episcopal Elections

Church of England
The Right Reverend John Sentamu, lately suffragan bishop of Stepney, is to be Bishop of Birmingham. Details here.

New Zealand
Nelson, All Saints (Nelson)

News Centre
Canadian diocese votes for blessing same-sex unions. Monks live longer. Scottish Episcopal Church votes for women bishops. Episcopal bishop defends Muslims against Baptists. Stigmata. Peter Hollingworth on protecting children. Corrupt bishops in Mexico. New Bishop of Birmingham. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Odds and Ends
The Anglo-Catholic Vision: The submitter comments: 'Excellent article on what defines "Anglo-Catholicism". It certainly helped me when I was struggling in seminary with what it meant to be Anglo-Catholic'.

Theological resources
Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian mysticism: 'An interdisciplinary seminar on the Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism, designed as an internet version of an ongoing research seminar of the graduate students and scholars at the department of theology of Marquette University (Milwaukee, USA). The site explores the influence of Jewish Pseudepigrapha and Merkabah mysticism on Eastern Orthodox authors'.

Florida: Lakeland, All Saints (Central Florida)
New Jersey: Parsippany, St Gregory (Newark) [Note: This web site address ends in .info, a new top-level domain. You may or may not be able to see this web site.]
New Mexico: Fort Sumner, St John (Rio Grande)
New Mexico: Tucumcari, St Michael (Rio Grande)

Wisconsin: Delafield, Saint John Chrysostom (Milwaukee)

Vacancies Centre
Have a post to fill in your parish? A vacancy on your diocesan staff? Advertise beyond your own national church. List your opening for one full month at AO for only US $80 (your currency here). Looking for a position? Check out vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion. Visit the Vacancies Centre for more.

Worth Noting
The Lectionary Commentary: Theological exegesis for Sunday’s texts; 3 volumes, by Roger E. Van Harn, Richard Burridge, and Colin Gunton (editors): Reviewed by Professor John Barton in the Church Times.

Songs for the Journey: The Psalms in life and liturgy, by Brian Pickett: Reviewed in the Church Times by the Right Reverend David Stancliffe.

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