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Hallo again to all.

JudgmentAdvent is once again nearly upon us; today is the last Sunday of the church year. (Annually we tell ourselves that we need a short season to prepare for Advent...) Heralded by four awe-filled words—Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell—the traditional 'four last things', Advent is a season more awesome than fearsome, with its potpourri of mystery, waiting, darkness, and stillness. Next week we shall greet its first Sunday.

At the end of each year, people like to reflect on what happened during that time. Here at Anglicans Online, this year brought our Vacancies Centre, our Anglicans Online Shop, 700 items in the News Centre, 52 of these front-page letters, about 1000 new linked websites, and 300 abandoned websites, more or less, that we have unlinked. Our parishes had more baptisms than funerals this past year. We've managed to produce Anglicans Online every week despite illness, family deaths, emergency travel, broken computers, storms, earthquakes, and the outrageous cost of modem usage in British hotels. We have watched in amazement as both sides in the Squabble about Sex believe that they own the biblical high ground. In general the children that we know watch in amazement as the adults squabble.

HellWe are grateful indeed to those of you who have contributed money. We're allowed to raise US$5000 per year in donations before the US Internal Revenue Service gives us more paperwork requirements. We are also grateful to all who have helped protect us from that paperwork, but in truth we're nowhere close to that line for 2002, so perhaps a little less protection is needed. We use donated money to help fund the computers and networks that bring you AO each week. Our server computer, churning faithfully away in Brian's garage in California, is still a vintage model with a 133MHz Pentium I processor and 96MB of RAM; our Internet service is a several hundred pounds a month. Cynthia's day job as a public-relations specialist and Brian's day job as director of operations for a search company enable us mostly to fund AO ourselves. We manage to carry on, but we appreciate, deeply, every donation.

Beyond the significant and faithful work by the other Anglicans Online staffers (listed on our Staff page) and our own resident bishop columnist, we rely on a small cadre of volunteers who donate their time. We especially appreciate the work of Katherine, Lesley, Louise, Michel, Richard, and Robert.

If you have any updates to our Advent Resources, please do notify us this week. Often we're given notice of very good sites sent to us during the third or fourth week of Advent. If you've made (online) something nice for Advent and are willing to share it with the world, please send us its URL right now, so all can have full use of it for the entire Advent season.

See you next week, in the New Year.

Brian Reid's signature
Cynthia McFarland
Brian Reid

Last updated: 24 November 2002

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