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This page last updated 27 April 2003
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

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Week of 27 April 2003


Melbourne: Melbourne Grammar School:
 An Anglican school founded in 1858. Prep to Year 12.

Nova Scotia: Lunenberg, St John (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) This is about the restoration of the church originally built in 1754 (a Canadian National Historic site), destroyed in a devastating fire eighteen months ago.
Ontario: Richmond Hill, St Mary (Toronto)
Ontario: Verona, St Martins-in-the-Field (Ontario)

Little Gidding, St John (Ely)
Roseland, St Just and St Mawes (Truro)
Seamer, St Martin (York)

Episcopal Elections and Announcements
Anglican Church of Canada: The Diocese of Toronto has elected Archdeacon Colin Johnson as the next area bishop on the third ballot. The election was 26 April. Details here.

Episcopal Church in the USA: The Diocese of Colorado has announced the nominees for next diocesan bishop. Details here.

Germany: Freiburg, Anglican Church in Freiburg (Europe)

News Centre
Zambia church says 'no condoms'. South Africa church says 'no AIDS'. Parish church in South Africa returned to its congregation. Church and state in Italy. More on the ossuary. Don't show that video! Australia bans five priests. York Minster charges admission. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
The National Anglican Catholic Church: 'We are a church which is American in its founding and liberal in its theology,
embracing all our Christian brothers and sisters without judgement of age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability'.

Social Justice
Texas: Galveston Island, St Vincent's House:
 Provides comprehensive social service ministry to the needs of the entire family in the Galveston community with programmes that include spiritual well being as well as the concrete needs of food, healthcare, shelter and childcare. It operates solely on contributions.

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New York: Candor, St Mark (Central New York)
New York: Scarborough, St Mary (New York)
North Carolina: Hillsborough, St Matthew (North Carolina)
Texas: Farmers Branch, St Andrew (Dallas)
Washington: Olympia, St John (Olympia)

Vacancies Centre
List a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO for free. Seeking a position? Scan vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the communion.

Pembroke, St Mary the Blessed Virgin in the Pembroke Group of Parishes (St Davids)

Papua New Guinea, Diocese of Popondota

Singapore, All Saints (Singapore)
Singapore, Christ Church (Singapore)
Singapore, Christ the Redeemer (Singapore)
Singapore, Church of our Saviour (Singapore)
Singapore, Church of the Ascension (Singapore)
Singapore, Holy Trinity (Singapore)
Singapore, Light of Christ City (Singapore)
Singapore, St George (Singapore)
Singapore, St Hilda (Singapore)
Singapore, St James (Singapore)
Singapore, St John - St Margaret (Singapore)
Singapore, St Paul (Singapore)
Singapore, Yishun Christian Church (Singapore)

Week of 20 April 2003

Belle Isle, St John and St Barnabas (Leeds)
Reading, Most Holy Trinity (Oxford)
Tividale, Parish of Tividale (Lichfield)

Internet: New York, Trinity Institute, 28-29 April 2003
Anglicans across the world who have internet access will be able to see or hear online presentations by the Archbishop of Canterbury during a visit to New York. His sermon at the opening Eucharist of the conference on 28 April, and an address on 29 April, will be among conference presentations webcast live by Trinity Television, the parish's television ministry. The conference topic is "Shaping Holy Lives: Benedictine Spirituality in the Contemporary World." The webcast will include both audio and video "streams". The audio facility will cater to those in the Communion who can receive only sound on their internet connections. Listeners and viewers will be able to email questions for the Archbishop, on the conference topic, both ahead of and during the webcast'.
Archbishop's Sermon: Monday, April 28, 2003 - 4 pm GMT
Conference Address: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 - 3.15 pm GMT
For webcast times in your time zone, check

'WINTER IN THE BAHAMAS! Anglican Parish on Abaco, a family island in the Bahamas, seeks an Anglican/Episcopal priest to spend six months (Nov 2003 -April 2004) in the Bahamas. The position comes with a fully furnished rectory, a beautiful new three-bedroom, one-bath home, which faces the water on two sides. The church is part of a multi-point parish (five sites) which is part of the Anglican Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. You would be expected to hold services on Sundays, sometimes two or three, depending on the circumstances. During the week, this warm outgoing community of Bahamians is your home, with one weekly service and a Bible study taking place.  Must be eager and experienced in working as part of a team.  Monthly stipend and some expenses covered. For further information contact Fr MacKenzie at'.

News Centre
Easter sermons mostly about Iraq. ABC apologises to Freemasons. War chaplaincy. ABC washes feet in the cathedral. English clergy said to need training. Jargon buster released by British government. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

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Colorado: Denver, Christ (Colorado)
Illinois: Macomb, St George (Quincy)
Minnesota: Excelsior, Trinity (Minnesota)
Texas: Houston, St Timothy (Texas)

Vacancies Centre
You can list a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO for free. Seeking a position? Scan vacancies on diocesan web sites throughout the Anglican Communion.

Iraq Church fact sheet. Just that.

Worth Noting
Christians in Iraq 'live like slaves': Ottawa cleric fears further hardships for non-Islamics, in The Ottawa Citizen.

Easter's hawks and doves: Sin must be paid for with blood—that view of the crucifixion leads to support for capital punishment and war, writes Giles Fraser in The Guardian (UK).

The meaning of Easter: The Guardian has published an email exchange between James Jones and Brian Mountford.

First handmade bible for 500 years: A team of artists from Monmouthshire is working on producing the first handwritten and illuminated bible to be commissioned for centuries. A look at the state of the holy book being created for St John's Abbey in Minnesota. Some years ago we linked to an article about this and included this image (note that it is approximately 180K).

From bone box to big screen, Jesus reconsidered: Abraham McLaughlin surveys the field in the Christian Science Monitor (USA).

God's Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible, by Adam Nicolson, a review in The Economist. (We do wonder why it is not The Making of the Authorised Version, since this is an English publication...)

Pilgrimages into and away from belief: A review, by Bernadette Murphy, of Rosemary Mahoney's 'The Singular Pilgrim: Travels on Sacred Ground'. In the Los Angeles Times.

The word made flesh: Michael Prodger on Holbein’s harrowing picture of Christ lying in the tomb, The Spectator (UK).

Of empty tombs and angels: Peter Steinfels, writing in The New York Times, explains the meaning of what Rowan Williams has said.

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