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Hallo again to all.

Every Sunday when we publish Anglicans Online, one of the challenging parts is puzzling out what to say in this space. We alternate the role of lead writer, and rarely admit which of us took the lead. A Geochron on our wall shows the sun moving relentlessly westward, to rise there and set here, letting us know that it's time to find a topic and meet our deadline.

We try not to write sermons here; that's not our job. So we don't look to the lectionary for inspiration. We try not to preach. Often we take a cue from news or current events, but for months the news has been mostly of fighting about sex and schism. We're frankly quite tired of that topic, and wanted to return to some fundamental reminder that the church is the Body of Christ. So we were looking out the window at the September sky, wondering what to write, after having given up trying to find a topic in this BBC report from Nigeria.

Our email beeped. Someone had filled out our form 'Add a site to AO' that lurks at the lower left of this front page every week. We delight in these submissions, and we treasure the opportunity to look inside parish life in places that we might never visit. We love to read about your parishes, and sometimes we reply with suggestions for how to improve your websites.

St Bartholomew Church Clay Cross, Derbyshire
This one was for St Bartholomew Church, Clay Cross, Derbyshire, England. Very nicely done, and we loved the note that 'St Bartholomew's is for everyone who lives and works in Clay Cross, not just for those who choose to attend services.' As with everything submitted to us, we list it in our New This Week section for 2 or 3 weeks and then move it to its permanent home in our listings, which here would be the Diocese of Derby.

One of the reasons that Anglicans Online works is that you provide us with information that we include. If you know of something that should be listed and is not, do tell us about it. If you know of a listing that is wrong, please inform us. There are hundreds of dioceses and tens of thousands of parishes out there; alas, we don't have the time to scour the internet looking for web sites. But if you know of just one website that we ought to have, and don't, pop over to our 'Add a site' page and tell us about it. We have links to more than ten thousand Anglican resource sites. More than 80 percent were referred to us by our readers.

So we entreat you: from week to week, month to month, as you read Anglicans Online and other internet sites, if you see some resource that you think we should list, tell us! But please check first to make certain we don't list it already; Anglicans Online is a quite enormous site.

See you next week.

Brian Reidís signature
Cynthia McFarland
Brian Reid

Last updated: 14 September 2003

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