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This page last updated 9 February 2004
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

Letters to AO

EVERY WEEK WE PUBLISH a selection of letters we receive in response to something you've read at Anglicans Online. Stop by and have a look at what other AO readers are thinking.

Alas, we cannot publish every letter we receive. And we won't publish letters that are anonymous, hateful, illiterate, or otherwise in our judgment do not benefit the readers of Anglicans Online. We usually do not publish letters written in response to other letters.

We edit letters to conform with standard AO house style for punctuation, but we do not change, for example, American spelling to conform to English orthography. On occasion we'll gently edit letters that are too verbose in their original form. Email addresses are included when the authors give permission to do so.

If you'd like to write a letter of your own, click here.

Letters from 1 to 8 February 2004

If you'd like to write a letter of your own, click here.

'Without the Fire'

Your mention of Phos Hilaron in your commentary brought to mind (and ear) a setting that I've sung several times in our choir over the past 20+ years I've been in it. The setting is by Richard Proulx and the melody is as haunting as the evening often can be. Since we sing for offertory on Sunday morning, we've taken liberty with a bit of the lyrics, particularly: 'Now as we come to the rising of the sun, and our eyes behold the morning light....' Still works, though, doesn't it?

I also was reminded of another anthem we've sung. You mention Via Positiva and Via Negativa, and the words that came to mind are from a David Ashley White piece called 'Without the Fire'. The words by Rae E. Whitney are based on 'a few lines by Thomas Kempis'. Basically, without pasting the whole set of lyrics in place, we're to notice that 'without the Fire, there is no Burning; without the Cross, no full Forgiving; without the Grave, no Resurrecting; without the Light, no Love's Reflecting'. (Go to: to view them all.)

As Christians, we're frequently admonished to have the Joy of the Lord. Well, sometimes we are joyful. Sometimes not. With Ash Wednesday approaching in four weeks, we don't like to be reminded of the more bleak aspects of our Christian walk, and I believe we wrongly downplay the importance of things such as silence, meditation, ashes, or an empty tomb. Hopefully, we find a balance of both the Light and (I'll call it) Shadow. To exclude one, we wouldn't know the other.

One of my gripes over the years has been enduring preaching about how simply splendid one's life will become, and permanently remain so, if one accepts Christ as Lord and Savior. Yes it can have its splendid moments, but not to the exclusion of our own crosses to bear. In Luke (I believe), Jesus tells us to take up our cross daily. This, of course, reminds me of another bit of music found this time in the Hymnal 1982: 'Take up your cross, the Savior said'. 'For only those who bear the Cross, can hope to wear the glorious Crown'. [Paraphrased as best as my memory allows, since I don't keep a hymnal at my workplace.]

Gee, I guess after all those years of sitting in the choir loft, I managed to actually get the messages in the music!

Bob Frederick
St Andrew's Episcopal Church
Panama City, Florida, USA
3 February 2004

A former parishioner seeks a long-ago parish connection

I was a member of the Emanuel Episcopal Church in Olathe, Kansas, during my brief stay in Olathe in 1960. While there my wife and I were good friends of the priest, Father David Ledford and his wife. We lost touch after we moved from Olathe. I was told by the [Episcopal Church] Archives that Father Ledford passed away in 1994. I would like to contact his wife, I think her name was Jeannine (Jean?), but my memory is failing me at my age. I believe that for a period he was Chaplain at Joliet Prison in Illinois.

I would appreciate it if you could suggest a way in which I could contact Mrs. Ledford. The biography sent me by the Archives was quite brief and gave no details. Please suggest how I might try to find her address.

Oscar J. Dorr
All Saints Episcopal Church, Winter Park, Florida
Orlando, Florida, USA
4 February 2004

An Anglican in Barbados seeks prayer banners (And just what are they? ask your AO editors)

Hi there from the beautiful island of Barbados. I came across your site when I was searching for a prayer banner for the prayer group at church.To date, I have not found any and I am hoping you can help me with some sites I can visit or if you have information you can email it to me,

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Sharon Rock
St David's Church
Christ Church, Barbados, WEST INDIES
4 February 2004

If any AO reader can assist with this, please email us and we'll forward your letter to Sharon Rock. Thanks.

A 'Orthodox Anglican' in Massachusetts seeks advice

My husband and I, Episcopalians (or should I say Anglicans?), have, following the outcome of events in the ECUSA of the last six months, aligned ourselves with the theology outlined by the ACC and NACPD. We are very concerned to see so few (and geographically spread) fellow Massachusetts Christians listed on the NACPD website as supporters of orthodox Anglicanism. I see the ACC does list a Massachusetts chapter; however, includes no contact or web address.

We had been attending St Luke's Episcopal Church in Scituate (myself a lifelong Episcopalian and Steve a convert from Roman Catholicism) for many years. However, we withdrew our support when St Luke's embraced the consecration of Bishop Robinson. We are feeling isolated, and find not having a parish home spiritually challenging. We are raising three children, ages 11 to 15, and feel it is very important to provide them with a scripturally based moral and spiritual foundation. Can you provide us with any direction as to where we go from here? Is there someone whom we can contact regarding organization in our area.

Your friends in Christ, Jan and Steve Di Tullio

Jan Di Tullio
?? don't know anymore
Hanover, Massachusetts, USA
4 February 2004

An Anglican in Malawi seeks 'pen friends'

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I humbly request your assistance in locating Anglican pen friends whom I would like to be communicating with.

God bless us.

Yours Faithfully,

Mac Donald Ambali
Saint John's Parish (Ndirande), Diocese of Southern Malawi
Blantyre, MALAWI
5 February 2004

'Are we making our own rules?'

In response to the Reverend Peggy Blanchard about Presiding Bishop Griswold and Christ's love: I agree that Christ's love is limitless and he will love you no matter what you do, like a parent will for their child. But if a child breaks the rules of the house and does not repent, the child is punished and disciplined. The parent always loves the child but cannot permit the child to make their own rules to live by.

Are we as Episcopalians making our own rules?

William F. Bryant Jr
St. Mark's Church
Perryville, Maryland, USA
5 February 2004

Earlier letters

We launched our 'Letters to AO' section on 11 May 2003. All of our letters are in our archives.


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