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Hallo again to all.

What's in a name?

Whose voice is it, anyway?

For more than a decade, this front page of Anglicans Online has been signed by the editors, usually Cynthia McFarland and Brian Reid. During those ten years, the group of people involved with Anglicans Online has slowly increased. Now and again we've had guests write the front-page letter, to which they signed their own names. We like to give credit where credit is due.

We thought about changing our habits, so that the person who writes this letter will be the one to sign it, but decided against that for several reasons. We don't want people to think of Anglicans Online as some sort of blog, a personal message board. And we have enjoyed the slight anonymity of never really admitting which of us wrote a letter. Often a weekly letter is a collaboration and can't be signed by one person. Every week the letter represents, if not an absolute consensus, then at least a majority opinion amongst those of us who write, edit, and produce AO.

The moving hand having writSo this week we have decided to take the radical step — radical perhaps only by the historic standards of Anglican traditions — of removing the editors' signatures and, instead, linking you to the page that identifies all of us. (Well, most of us: some of our contributors haven't yet given us a photograph and a signature that we can put on that page. We'll get there... )

Since we took over the production of Anglicans Online in Autumn 1997, eight years ago now, one of our goals has always been for AO to outlive us. Someday we'll be too old or may be too blind or dotty to produce the next weekly issue. We'd like to have other people, already part of it, to continue on when we no longer can. A necessary first step towards that goal is to start shaping its public identity as more the group project that, behind the scenes, it already is.

Fret not that this signifies any sort of deeply meaningful change here at AO. It doesn't. It's more of a housekeeping issue, but since you've probably got used to seeing our scrawls at the foot of the letter, we wanted to explain why those particular squiggles would no longer be there. Does this make the front-page letter more impersonal, you may wonder? Not a chance! If you'd like to comment on a letter, you can still write to or use our Letters to the Editor form, choosing to keep your letter private or have it published. Brian and Cynthia will still read every piece of email that comes over the transom. And will answer very nearly all of them.

For the last time, then, we'll sign our names here, but then continue on what will be our new tradition. We're still here, even if our signatures aren't; look for us on the 'all of us' page.

Cynthia McFarland Brian Reid

See you next week.

All of us here at Anglicans Online


Last updated: 9 October 2005


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