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This page last updated 23 April 2006
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

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Week of 23 April 2006

Victoria: Melbourne (Carlton North), St Michael (Melbourne)
Victoria: Melbourne (Carlton), St Jude (Melbourne)

Book Reviews
Lords of Parliament: Manners, Rituals and Politics, by Emma Crewe, reviewed in The Church Times by John Habgood. '[A] book of enormous interest to anyone who wants to know how the House of Lords works, and what part it plays in government.'

Worship without Dumbing-Down: Knowing God through Liturgy, by Peter Toon, reviewed in The Church Times by Peter McGeary. 'Words and actions matter. They express what we believe — or, at least, they should... [Toon makes] a useful attempt to reconnect liturgy and doctrine in a particular context. And that is something we should be doing, whether we use the Book of Common Prayer or not.'

A Sociological History of Christian Worship, by Martin D. Stringer, reviewed in The Church Times by Christopher Irvine. Stringer saves the reader from sociological jargon, 'define[s] his terms, and at every turn to explain the direction and flow of the argument... Due consideration is given to the origins of Christian worship; but we are shown how worship diversifies as it develops, influencing — and itself being coloured by — the social context in which it is set.'

Church History
The Altar; or Meditations in Verse on the Great Christian Sacrifice, by Isaac Williams (1849). Williams (1802-1865) was a Tractarian poet and theologian; in this large poem cycle of 204 sonnets, he reflects on 34 events from Christ's prayer in Gethsemane to Pentecost.

Essays on the work entitled "Supernatural Religion", by J.B. Lightfoot (1893). Project Gutenberg announces the online publication of this important work by English biblical and patristic scholar Joseph Barber Lightfoot (1828-1889). Lightfoot served as Bishop of Durham from 1879 to 1889.

The Mind of Christ Jesus in the Church of the Living God, by Charles Henry Brent (1908). Brent (1862-1929) was the Canadian-born American Episcopalian first Bishop of the Philippines. 'I have two objects in mind in writing this Charge. First to make clear to my present and to my prospective fellow-missionaries the principles that actuate my administrations. Secondly that donors to this Missionary District may labour under no misconception as to the character of the work which their gifts support.'

Christchurch, Christ Church Priory (Winchester)
Colchester, St Leonard (Chelmsford)
Parish of Dorchester [St George, Fordington; St Mary, Victoria Park; St Peter, Dorchester] (Salisbury)
Emcote, All Saints (Coventry)
Parish of Great Ayton with Easby and Newton-in-Cleveland [Christ Church, All Saints, St Oswald] (York)
Portsea, St Mary [with St Faith and St Wilfrid] (Portsmouth)
Seaton Carew,
Holy Trinity (Durham)
Stisted, All Saints (Chelmsford)
Woodford Bridge, St Paul (Chelmsford)

Episcopal Elections or Announcements
The 30 April 2006 issue of The Living Church (Milwaukee) reports that the Right Reverend Wilfrido Ramos-Orench, Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut, will take office as 'provisional Bishop of Ecuador Central' on 1 June.

On 30 April 2006 Dr Mark Burton will be consecrated as Bishop of the Northern Region in the Diocese of Perth, Australia. According to an article from Anglican Media Sydney, this will mark only the second time in a hundred years that an Australian Defence Force chaplain has been consecrated to the episcopate. A graduate of Ridley College, Dr Burton was ordained to the priesthood in 1990 and served in the Diocese of Melbourne until 1999, when he was commissioned as Chaplain to the Royal Australian Navy Reserve.


USA: New York City, 27 April 2006: Printed Bibles from Gutenberg to King James

Paul Needham, Scheide Librarian at Princeton University, will lecture on early printed Bibles at the General Theological Seminary, New York. 7pm.

England: London, 28 April 2006: Fulcrum Conference
Gospel in Context: Among Many Cultures and Among Many Faiths at St Mary's Church Upper Street Islington N1

The cultural context in which the Church in Britain operates is changing all the time. In the last five decades the world has come to our doorstep and this presents a whole raft of questions for the Christian community here: Are all religions basically the same? What ground rules are needed for co-existence? Is the spectre of a clash of civilisations inevitable?
     Speakers include David Ford, Regius Professor of Divinity, the first lay person to hold the Regius Professorship at Cambridge University and the Most Rev Dr Sentamu, Archbishop of York, the first African-born Archbishop of York.
     More information:

Letters to Anglicans Online
Have a read. Write a letter of your own to us for possible publication.

Liturgical Resources
Cathedral Rosaries: Kathy Chambers writes that 'this is much more than simply a business to me - first and foremost, it is a way to assist people who seek a tangible way to have a deeper prayer life.' She makes 'rosaries that more accurately reflected the beauty of the faith, drawing her inspiration from the colors found in the stained glass windows of Gothic Cathedrals, the liturgical colors of the Church, and the beauty of nature'.

New Zealand
Birkdale Beach Haven, Anglican Community Church (Auckland)

News Centre
Former ABC rebuts open letter. Concelebration in Ireland. Nigerian archbishop demands justice. Easter messages from around the Communion. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Odds and Ends
Maundy Money: The Royal Mint provides an informative page about the ancient custom of minting and distributing special Maundy coins: 'At the ceremony which takes place annually on Maundy Thursday, the sovereign hands to each recipient two small leather string purses. One, a red purse, contains — in ordinary coinage — money in lieu of food and clothing; the other, a white purse, contains silver Maundy coins consisting of the same number of pence as the years of the sovereign's age.'

Tiro Typeworks: This fascinating website on writing systems for North American indigenous peoples includes substantial resources on the typographical work of Anglican missionaries John Horden and Edmund Peck. We particularly enjoy this page on Methodist missionary James Evans, inventor of the syllabic system still in extensive use in central and western Canada. Excellent downloads; attractive site.

Religious Orders
Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery: Grahamstown, South Africa. This house of the US-based Order of the Holy Cross has an informative new site. 'Three guest houses sit on about 50 hectares of hillside. Paths for walking are cleared and you can meander through the beauty of the Eastern Cape. Bird life is varied and abounding.'

The Order of Saint Francis, Seattle: This small order describes itself as 'an Active Franciscan Order in the Diocese of Olympia'. One of its members makes Franciscan beanies.

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Arkansas: Siloam Springs, Grace Church (Arkansas)
California: Oakhurst, Christ Church (San Joaquin)
Maryland: Berlin, St Paul (Easton)
Maryland: Hebron, St Paul (Easton)
Maryland: Marion, St Paul (Easton)

Independent Organisations
Anglican Alliance of North Florida: 'In light of the opportunities presented by the on-going realignment in the Anglican Communion and for the sake of expanding the Kingdom of God, we have formed an alliance of Anglican congregations and clergy in North Florida committed to [...] full communion only with "Anglican churches, dioceses and provinces that hold and maintain the historic faith, doctrine, sacraments and discipline of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church."'

Vacancies Centre
List a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO -- at no charge. What a bargain! The more you use our free service, the more useful it will become for all.

New Zealand: Tonga Islands, All Saints. Volunteer youth assistance.

For more information see our Vacancies Centre.

Seeking a position? Scan vacancy pages on diocesan web sites with vacancies listings throughout the communion.

India: Trivandrum, Mateer Memorial Church (South Kerala)

Worth Noting
A church asunder: Peter Boyer writes for the New Yorker about the current state of the US Episcopal Church.

Dismantling the barriers to belief. The first in a series of articles in the Church Times by Alister McGrath. The remainder are The attempt to disprove God; Reports of the death of God are greatly exaggerated; and Reconnecting with our storytelling roots.

Blood Sport: This editorial from The Living Church (Milwaukee) address the roles of the media as the Episcopal Church USA prepares for its next General Convention. 'Ubiquitous discussion lists, blogs, and websites have made instant newsgathering, analysis, and commentary a part of life within the Church. While these forums are invaluable communications tools with powerful potential as tools for ministry, they also can and are being used as powerful weapons.'

The logic of all purity movements is to exclude: Andrew Linzey, writing in The Times (London) argues that Anglicans should listen to the Holy Spirit and not to schismatic fundamentalists.

Thinking Faithfully about Sex and Marriage: On 19 April 2006 the Primate's Theological Commission of the Anglican Church of Canada released this report by the Reverend Jamie Howson. It is also available in Adobe Acrobat format.

Week of 16 April 2006

Ontario: Port Sydney, Christ Church (Algoma)

Ontario: Thunder Bay, St Michael (Algoma)

Book Reviews
Adam Gopnik reviews the Gospel of Judas in The New Yorker.

John Wilkins reviews Edward Stourton's John Paul II: Man of History in The Tablet.

Leslie Houlden reviews Anne Rice's new novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt in The Church Times.

Michael Ward reviews Mark Corner's Signs of God: Miracles and Their Interpretation in The Church Times.

Also in The Church Times, Martin Draper reviews Rejoice O People: Hymns and Poems of Albert Bayley, by David Dale.

Church History
Proposals for a Central Missionary Council of Episcopal and Non-Episcopal Churches in East Africa, by Frank Weston (1914). This proposal by Anglo-Catholic bishop Frank Weston of Zanzibar (1871-1924) is a counter to the 1913 Kikuyu Conference, in which Anglican evangelicals participated in eucharistic communion with Scottish Presbyterians. Weston's proposal includes a non-eucharistic rite of common worship.

Spearhead: The Story of the Melanesian Brotherhood, by Brian Macdonald-Milne. In this undated pamphlet the former chaplain and tutor of the Melanesian Brotherhood explains the history and constitution of this religious order founded in 1925 by Ini Kopuria.

Within the Green Wall: The Story of Holy Cross Liberia Mission 1922-1957, by Robert Erskine Campbell (1957). This book gives a detailed look at the history of the educational, medical and religious work of the American Order of the Holy Cross in Liberia.

Alcester, St Nicholas (Coventry)
Chapeltown, St John (Sheffield)
Fobbing, St Michael (Chelmsford)
Houghton Regis, All Saints (St Albans)
Hull, Victoria Dock Church (York)
Kirby-le-Soken, St Michael (Chelmsford)
Leamington Spa, Holy Trinity (Coventry)
Leamington Spa, St Mark (Coventry)
Odcombe, St Peter and St Paul (Bath and Wells)
Saltburn by Sea, Emmanuel (York)

Scarborough, St James with Holy Trinity (York)

New Zealand: Christchurch, 6-12 May 2006: General Synod / te Hinota Whanui 2006
Introductory material related to the upcoming General Synod of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia is available online in English.

Habikino, St Matthew (Osaka)
Nerima, St Gabriel (Tokyo)
Osaka, Christ Church, Jonan (Osaka)
Osaka, Seiaganainushi / Church of the Redeemer (Osaka)
Sakai, St Timothy (Osaka)
Tachikawa, St Patrick (Tokyo)
Takatsuki, St Mary (Osaka)

Tokyo, Holy Trinity (Tokyo)

Letters to Anglicans Online
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News Centre
Open letter to ex-ABC Carey. Churches crowded in Australia. ABC rejects religious conspiracy theories. Bishop installed in Namibia. New bishop stoned in Malawi. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
Anglican Province of Saint Jude: This jurisdiction based in Texas and the Philippines notes that 'While we are spiritually and historically Anglican (through Apostolic Succession), in practice, we are not in Communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury nor any Province that is (in Communion with Canterbury, directly or indirectly)'.

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California: Van Nuys, St Mark (Los Angeles)
Delaware: Good Shepherd (Delaware) [This church plant, worshipping location to be determined, has a 'mission field of Glasgow, Bear, Boyd's Corner and Northern Middletown']
Delaware: Bethany Beach, St Martha (Delaware)
Delaware: Middletown, St Anne (Delaware)
Delaware: New Castle, Church of the Nativity
Delaware: Wilmington, St James, Mill Creek (Delaware)
Kansas: Panhandle Southwest Regional Ministry [St John, Ulysses; St Stephen, Guymon; St Timothy, Hugoton; Church of the Upper Room, Lakin] (Western Kansas)
Kansas: Parsons, St John (Kansas)
Ohio: Akron, Church of Our Saviour (Ohio)
Ohio: Brunswick, St Patrick (Ohio)
Ohio: Gambier, Harcourt Parish Church (Ohio)
Ohio: Mayfield Village, St Bartholomew (Ohio)
Ohio: Port Clinton, St Thomas (Ohio)
Ohio: Youngstown, St John (Ohio)

Vacancies Centre
List a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO -- at no charge. What a bargain! The more you use our free service, the more useful it will become for all.

Seeking a position? Scan vacancy pages on diocesan web sites with vacancies listings throughout the communion.

Sew Liturgical: This mother/daughter team sews traditional styles of church vestments, including chasubles, stoles and albs. 'We believe that natural fibers of linen, silk and wool are best for church service.' See their weblog at

Cyprus: St Mark's Anglican Chaplaincy in Famagusta and the Karpaz (Cyprus and the Gulf)

Worth Noting
Sermon for Easter Day: the Archbishop of Canterbury's sermon for Easter 2006.

An Easter Message from the Primate: Andrew S. Hutchison addresses the Anglican Church of Canada in light of his recent visit to the World Council of Churches meeting in Brazil.

Resurgent religion has done away with the country vicar: Giles Fraser, writing in The Guardian, seems to have ruffled a lot of feathers (in letters, and this editorial) with an essay on the risks of aggressive faith.

Urbi et Orbi 2006: In his first Easter message as Pope of Rome, Benedict XVI calls for peaceful resolution to international conflicts in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, mentioning in particular 'international crises linked to nuclear power'. Available online at in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, but not in Latin.

Most dangerous parish in the world: the Reverend Canon Andrew White, an Anglican priest in Iraq, writes in The Times (London) about being Christian in Baghdad. Another article on Canon White is in the Houston Chronicle.

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