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This page last updated 3 October 2006
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

Letters to AO

EVERY WEEK WE PUBLISH a selection of letters we receive in response to something you've read at Anglicans Online. Stop by and have a look at what other AO readers are thinking.

Alas, we cannot publish every letter we receive. And we won't publish letters that are anonymous, hateful, illiterate, or otherwise in our judgment do not benefit the readers of Anglicans Online. We usually do not publish letters written in response to other letters.

We edit letters to conform with standard AO house style for punctuation, but we do not change, for example, American spelling to conform to English orthography. On occasion we'll gently edit letters that are too verbose in their original form. Email addresses are included when the authors give permission to do so.

If you'd like to respond to a letter whose author does not list an email, you can send your response to Anglicans Online and we'll forward it to the writer.

Letters from 25 September to 1 October 2006

Like all letters to the editor everywhere, these letters are the opinions of the writers and not Anglicans Online. We publish letters that we think will be of interest to our readers, whether we agree with them or not. If you'd like to write a letter of your own, click here.

A happy conclusion to an Anglican Communion bun fight

One of the points AO often makes is that all the knickers twisting, gnashing and bashing in the worldwide Communion has little effect on the day-to-day life at local churches. I beg to differ-- and offer as proof this email from a lay leader at my own dear church:

Date line: Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

St. Paul's Episcopal Church Chestnut Hill announced today a breakthrough in some of the tensions in the Anglican World Communion. After intense negotiations between members of two of the Church's Breakfast Teams, the Church announced an agreement to switch breakfast dates as follows:

Breakfast on October 15 will be served by the St. Perpetua Team. Breakfast on October 29 will be served by the St. Chad Team.

In a statement by St. Chad Captain Stephen S., he stated "This proves that the Worldwide Anglican Church CAN, in fact, work together towards goals of mutual interest while, at the same time, having differences of opinion on other matters."

There was discussion as to whether the teams should switch menus as well, but, as stated by Ned S., St Perpetua's Captain "We decided it would be best if each team retained our regular menus. Though people will come to breakfast on October 29 expecting bacon and eggs, we ask them to be patient, bear with the process, and be willing to suffer cream-chipped beef on toast. This is the sort of accommodation that is necessary for world peace."

At the news conference Mr. N.S. expressed his warmest thanks to Mr. S.S. and the members of the St. Chad Team for their assistance in the matter. Mr. N.S. also expressed his appreciation to the members of the St. Perpetua Team for their patience and understanding when, as right now, Mr. Smith is obviously off his meds.

Kay Wisniewski
St Pauls Episciopal Church, Chestnut Hill
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
26 September 2006

And a happy conclusion to last week's letter

Thank you for your appeal. Delighted to help. But shouldn't it have been called 'Gaiter Aid'? (The pun might not translate across the Atlantic...)

Diana Smith
St. Alban's Church
Washington, DC, USA
29 September 2006

(Ed: In our appeal for donations, made last Sunday, we included an image of a gaiter with various benchmarks of money near it. As we reached various levels, we 'filled in' the gaiter. Happily, the gaiter was entirely in place by last Thursday afternoon. Contrary to the Psalmist's advice to delight in no man's legs, we took great pleasure in this gaiter-clad specimen. If you'd like to see the complete episcopal costume of Archbishop Cosmo Gordon Lang, whose leg we borrowed, click here.)

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Earlier letters

We launched our 'Letters to AO' section on 11 May 2003. All published letters are in our archives.


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