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This page last updated 29 October 2006
Anglicans Online last updated 20 August 2000

What's New This Week

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Week of 29 October 2006

New South Wales: Bateau Bay, St Christopher & St Thomas of Canterbury (Newcastle)
New South Wales: Belmont, All Saints (Newcastle)
New South Wales: Glen Innes, Trinity (Armidale)
New South Wales: Moree, Moree Anglican Church (Armidale)
New South Wales: Southlakes, Southlakes Parish (Newcastle)
New South Wales: Stockton, St Paul (Newcastle)
New South Wales: Parish of Woy Woy [St Luke, Woy Woy; St Andrew, Umina] (Newcastle)

Book Reviews
Belief: A Short History for Today, by G.R. Evans, reviewed in the Church Times by John Saxbee. '"Christianity was never meant to be complicated. It was never meant to be burdensome" Professor Evans writes in her preface. In order to recapture this essential simplicity, we need to understand how burdensome complexity has overtaken Christian belief, and how we can find our way to the core of Christianity by both revisiting and revising the debates of times past.'

England on Edge: Crisis and Revolution 1640-1642, by David Cressy reviewed in the Church Times by Jonathan Clark.

Religious Identities in Henry VIII's England, by Peter Marshall is reviewed in the Church Times by Alec Ryrie. [Henry VIII] is comic enough at a safe distance, perhaps: but this monster of egotism and do-it-yourself theology also (not quite unwittingly) created an international Christian denomination. And yet his religion and the religious events of his reign are still tangled in confusion, a tangle that affects us all.

Shades of Grey: Making Choices in Uncertainty, by Dudley Coates, reviewed in the Church Times by Sarah Mullally. 'His theological foundation for the book is the incarnation: God has chosen to immerse his "God-self" in the complexities and uncertainty of human life; and to follow Jesus is to do the same. [A British civil servant] refers to this type of decision-making process [where there are no right or wrong answers] as "making choices in uncertainty", and sees it as a reflection of the grey world we inhabit, where answers are never black or white.'

Church History
A new collection of documents by or about Algernon Sidney Crapsey (1847-1927) includes extensive documentation of his 1906 heresy trial.

The Unseen World, by John Mason Neale (1853 edition). Just in time for Halloween, Project Canterbury has digitised this curious collection of conversations about the supernatural by one of our tradition's greatest hymnographers and church historians. Neale's 'aim is to set forth Christian views on a point of popular belief which writers have generally considered worthy of ridicule or pity, or at least susceptible of a natural explanation'.

Episcopal Elections or Announcements
ECUSA: Diocese of Tennessee
The Reverend John Bauerschmidt was elected Bishop of Tennessee on the 12th ballot. See for more.

Letters to Anglicans Online
Have a read. Write a letter of your own to us for possible publication.

Liturgical Resources
All Hallows and the Day of the Dead: Full Homely Divinity has this collection of background information and resources for these upcoming holydays.

News Centre
Pittsburgh Communion? Sydney Communion? Tennessee elects a bishop, finally. China said more churchly than Western Europe. US PB and PB-elect visit Canterbury. Adelaide synod begins. Sydney synod ends. ABC speaks out on garb of Muslim women. Sydney issues final ruling on ordination of women. Sydney women leaving Anglican church for Uniting church.

Not in the Communion
The Traditional Anglican Church: 'We maintain traditional faith, worship and discipline for Anglicans in England, Scotland and Wales'.

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Connecticut: Bristol, St John
Nebraska: Blair, St Mary (Nebraska)
Nebraska: Papillion St Martha (Nebraska)
North Dakota: Dickinson, St John (North Dakota)
Texas: El Paso, Pro Cathedral Church of St Clement (Rio Grande)
Texas: El Paso,
Wayfarers Team Ministry [St Christopher, St Brendan] (Rio Grande)

Vacancies Centre
List a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO — at no charge. What a bargain! The more you use our free service, the more useful it will become for all.

Seeking a position? Scan vacancy pages on diocesan web sites with vacancies listings throughout the communion.

Parish of Penmark with Porthkerry [St Mark, Penmark; St Curig, Porthkerry; St Peter, Rhoose] (Llandaff)

Parish of Tonyrefail [St David, Tonyrefail; St Alban; St Barnabas, Gilfach Goch] (Llandaff)

Worth Noting
A Different Set of Questions: Is the press ready to cover the first female presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church USA? We thought it timely to look again at a June 2006 article written by Diana Winston for the Revealer.

Let's bring back the hymns that pack a punch: In the Times (London), Catherine Fox asks where all the old smiting and fighting songs have gone.

Obituary: The Very Reverend Michael Mayne, aged 77, was Dean of Westminster from 1986 to 1996, having previously spent seven years in Cambridge as Vicar of Great St Mary's, the university church; earlier he had been Head of Religious Programmes Radio at the BBC.

Obituary: The Reverend Arthur Peacocke made a significant contribution to the understanding of the structure of DNA during his early career as a scientist, though he became better known, after his ordination as an Anglican priest, as a leading advocate of the proposition that the antagonism between science and religion is based on a fallacy.

Politically dangerous: Archbishop Rowan Williams writes in the Times (London) on the visibility of religious symbols in public life. 'So the ideal of a society where no visible public signs of religion would be seen—no crosses around necks, no sidelocks, turbans or veils—is a politically dangerous one. It assumes that what comes first in society is the central political “licensing authority”, which has all the resource it needs to create a workable public morality.'

Youth resources
Beulah Enterprises. A ministry of the Children's Mission of St Paul and St James, New Haven, CT. 'We offer for sale high quality, unique and innovative resources to inspire imaginative spiritual play, celebration, and learning. As we grow we will provide financial support to the Children’s Mission and job skills training and employment opportunities for inner-city families'.

The Sunday Paper. 'The Sunday Paper is informal, whimsical, faithful to Scripture, and in dead earnest. It is not condescending or cute. It helps children to acquire a vocabulary of crucial Scriptural images, and to relate the Gospel to the Old Testament, the life of the Church, and their own lives.' 'The original Sunday Paper appeals to intermediate through junior high, and presents one lesson (usually the Gospel) as a two-line cartoon; the other readings, and the Psalm, are presented as single vignettes'.

Week of 22 October 2006

Kenya Connection
: 'An international partnership of Anglican ministries. We serve, support, and encourage Kenyan ministries working in education, healthcare, evangelism, and micro-enterprise development.'

Western Australia: North Perth, St Hilda (Perth)

Book Reviews
Beyond Belief: In the New York Times, Jim Holt deconstructs 'The God Delusion', the new book by Richard Dawkins. 'Dawkins’s case against religion follows an outline that goes back to Bertrand Russell’s classic 1927 essay "Why I Am Not a Christian." ... What Dawkins brings to this approach is a couple of fresh arguments — no mean achievement, considering how thoroughly these issues have been debated over the centuries — and a great deal of passion'.

Religion and Law: An Introduction, by Peter W. Edge, reviewed in the Church Times by Mark Hill. Mark Hill considers what law and religion say to each other.

Urban Hope and Spiritual Health: The Adolescent Voice, by Leslie J. Francis and Mandy Robbin, reviewed by Nick Shepherd in the Church Times. Francis and Robbin 'examine adolescent faith and spirituality in the context of contemporary society ... [and though] there is nothing specifically urban about the research, it assesses the impact on young people's spiritual health of a variety of more general social factors, such as gender, the influence of schooling, religious affiliation, north-south geographical location, and others.

Worship in Context: Liturgical Theology, Children and the City, by Stephen Burns reviewed by John Pridmore in the Church Times. 'No less than five fields are brought within a single frame of reference - the Church of Eng-land's 2002 publication New Patterns for Worship, current trends in urban theology, children in the Church, contemporary North American liturgical theology, and an experimental eucharistic liturgy composed and used in Gateshead.'

Books, Magazines and Authors
CMS Online Shop: The Church Mission Society is an Anglican 'evangelistic mission working to see a world transformed by the love of Jesus. CMS supports over 800 people in mission and works in over 60 countries with offices in Abuja, Kampala, London and Nairobi.' This online bookshop supports the work of the CMS.

Nova Scotia: Parish of Aylesford and Berwick [St Mary, Auburn; Christ Church, Berwick; Christ Church, Morden] (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
Nova Scotia: Parish of Musquodoboit [St Thomas, Musquodoboit Harbour; St James, Head of Jeddore; St George, Ostrea Lake] (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
Nova Scotia: Parish of St Martin's, Western Shore [St John, Chester Basin; St Mary, Gold River; St Mark, Martin's Point; St Martin, Martin's River] (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)
Ontario: Bracebridge, St Thomas (Algoma)

Church History
Ancrene Wisse, author unknown (thirteenth century). This very attractive online edition of a guide for women recluses/anchoresses has a wealth of information about manuscripts and thirteenth-century English religion. It comes from the Early English Text Society, and includes a summary, the original text, a translation and a useful preface.

Reunion and the Roman Primacy, by C. L. Wood (1925). In this paper, written on the sixtieth anniversary of Lord Halifax's membership in the English Church Union, this able and prolific expounder of Anglo-Catholic principles examines the place of the Bishop of Rome in Christian unity.

Kentisbury, St Thomas (Exeter)
Miscellaneous related resources
Marrick Priory: Swaledale, Yorkshire. This residential centre for outdoor education is affiliated with the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds.

Episcopal Elections or Announcements
The Diocese of Hawai'i elected Canon Robert L. Fitzpatrick as its fifth bishop. Balloting results are here.

Poland: Warsaw, Emmanuel Church (Diocese in Europe) [site in English and Polish]

USA: Tennessee, Sewanee, 24-25 October: 2006 DuBose Lectures
The Reverend Dr. Christopher Bryan, C.K. Benedict Professor of New Testament at the University of the South's School of Theology, will present the 2006 DuBose Lectures on 'The Resurrection of the Messiah'. The lecture series is named for William Porcher DuBose (1836-1918), an American theologian and New Testament scholar.

Kilkeel, Christ Church (Down and Dromore)

Letters to Anglicans Online
Have a read. Write a letter of your own to us for possible publication.

News Centre
More on the ABC in China. Bishop elected in Hawaii. Via Media asks consent refusal for SC. Burundi church issues a statement. Private benefactor may rescue Australian school. Sydney drops plans to sell church property. All this, and more, in the News Centre.

Not in the Communion
The Anglican Church of Virginia: 'We represent a new Anglican Communion called the Anglican Church International Communion.'

Odds and Ends
Halloween Choice: This new website from the Communications Office of the Diocese of Manchester encourages retailers to 'offer a wider choice of merchandise when celebrating Halloween'. 'We want kids to have a great Halloween, and we want to spark a wider public debate about the nature of our way of celebrating the date.'

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California: Richmond, Holy Trinity/La Santisima Trinidad (California) [site in English and Spanish]
Colorado: Battlement Mesa, All Saints (Colorado)
New Jersey: Plainfield, Grace (New Jersey)
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Church of the Resurrection (Oklahoma)

Independent organizations
Episcopal Disability Network: 'We provide consultative assistance to congregations wishing to make their buildings accessible. We offer multi-media resources on disability awareness and other disability issues. We maintain a free lending library of over 350 taped books, available to people who are print-handicapped. Topics include church history, spirituality and disability issues.'

Vacancies Centre
List a parish or diocesan opening for one month at AO — at no charge. The more you use our free service, the more useful it will become for all.

Canada: (British Columbia). Congregational Development Facilitator.

For more information on this and other vacancies, see our Vacancies Centre. Seeking a position? Scan vacancy pages on diocesan web sites with vacancies listings throughout the communion.

Parish of Aberaman and Abercwmboi with Cwmaman [St Margaret, Aberaman; St Joseph, Cwmaman] (Llandaff)
Parish of Aberavon [St Agnes; Holy Trinity; St Mary; St Paul] (Llandaff)
Parish of Baglan [St Catharine and St Baglan] (Llandaff) [MIDI attack]
Cardiff (Splott), St Saviour (Llandaff)
Parish of Cilybebyll [St John the Evangelist, Cilybebyll; St John the Baptist, Alltwen] (Llandaff)

Parish of Eglwysilan [St Ilan, Eglwysilan; St Peter and St Cenydd, Senghenydd] (Llandaff)
Glyncorrwyg, St John the Baptist (Llandaff) [MIDI attack]
Parish of Kenfig Hill [St Theodore, Kenfig Hill; St Colman, Cefn Cribwr] (Llandaff)
Llanharry, St Illtyd (Llandaff)
Parish of Radyr [St John the Baptist, Danescourt; Christ Church, Radyr] (Llandaff)

The Bahamas: New Providence, St Anne (The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands)

Worth Noting
A loss of faith: Once a force for social change, the Anglican church is now governed by an alien evangelism. Michael Hampson laments in the Guardian (UK).

A new peal: Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York has received a US$1 million grant from a British philanthropist for twelve new bells. This page provides in-depth information on the bells and their production. They will be rung for the first time on 28 October, and the set will be the only twelve-bell peal in the United States.

Obituary: Anne Maddocks, the first female organist at Chichester cathedral, who supported her husband's healing ministry. In the Telegraph (UK).

Prayer is what anyone can do: Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph (UK).

Prepare Thee for Some Serious Marketing: In the New York Times, Fara Warner surveys the 'branding strategies' of some American denominations.

School-in-a-box: We learned this week (from this National Public Radio story) about UNICEF's School-in-a-Box program. It provides an aluminum box that 'contains classroom supplies for up to 80 students, and 10,000 kits were distributed in Pakistan over the past year. The 110-pound boxes are often carried by donkeys or small boats. The culturally neutral materials include writing utensils, notebooks, rulers, counting blocks and posters.' We wonder how many parishes, dioceses, church organizations and companies might be willing to forego some pleasure in the coming months to donate the funds necessary for this remarkable effort.

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