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Hallo again to all.

Come over and help us!
'A ship under sail, making towards a point of Land, upon the Prow standing a Minister with an open Bible in his hand, People standing on the shore in a Posture of Expectation, and using these words: Transiens Adiuva Nos'.

Transiens adiuva nos (Come over and help us!) was the sanguine biblical text chosen in 1701 as the motto for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. We'd like to borrow it this week, adopting it as our own, and call out to all of you stopping in at Anglicans Online: Come over and help us!

The Society of Archbishop Justus (SoAJ), the publisher of Anglicans Online, is a group of Anglican and Episcopal volunteers who devote their time, expertise, computers, servers, and bandwidth to the Anglican Communion. What do we do?

• We publish Anglicans Online, which is in its 15th year on the web. (Our online archives go back to 1997. Have a look.) Some SoAJ directors also serve on the staff of Anglicans Online;

• We host hundreds of websites and email lists for the Anglican Communion, from dioceses in Africa to religious orders in the Pacific;

• We maintain the domain, which was registered in 1995 by an international group including numerous SoAJ members, holding it in trust for the Anglican Communion;

• We provide Domain Name Service (DNS) for What is that, you may ask? When someone looks up a name in — as by clicking on it in a browser or sending email to it — the computer that is doing the looking-up engages in a series of fairly complex interactions with name-server computers around the internet, to learn the location and identity of the computer supporting that name. We master those transactions on Justus servers. It's not sexy, but it's critical!

• We dedicate six server computers 'round the world to Anglican internet activities, in London, England; in Palo Alto, California; and in Burlington, New Jersey. SoAJ assumes all the expenses of the hardware and monthly fees for connectivity.

Gaiter-AidWe're likely more reticent than we should be about asking for occasional contributions. Beyond a modest link to our little online shop, we've resisted intrusive reminders of our ongoing need for your support. So here we are, more than three years since our last letter about support, asking you if you would 'come over and help us'.

Would you assist us in our work by contributing some amount of money to SoAJ? We've enabled, at last, an online PayPal* donation capability and we trust that it will be a convenience for all who'd like to donate online. (Some of you have gone to extraordinary lengths to send us paper cheques by postal mail, because you had no other choice.) To donate via PayPal, click this button:

Donate now!
Our hope is to raise this amount — $5000 US, €3911, £2633, $5560 CAD, $6671 AUD, ¥582,442 — in the next fortnight or so. We'd be ever so grateful if you'd help us fill the gaiter; we'll colour it as we make progress. Yes, it's twee, but it does give readers an idea of how we're doing towards that ambitious goal!

We'll never charge for any of our websites, hosting, email administration, or other services. We'll continue to provide them, as we have since the early 1990s, no matter what it costs us. That's our pledge and our joyful service to the Anglican Communion, our way of fulfilling the Prayer Book prayer: that we may 'do all such good works as thou hast prepared for us to walk in'.

Thank for your support. For reading Anglicans Online. And for making our lives so much richer by being 'out there'.

In a 'Posture of Expectation', we'll see you, as always, next week. Transiens adiuva nos!

Our signature
All of us at Anglicans Online


Last updated: 27 September 2009

*We understand that some people object to PayPal, but its safety, security, and simplicity have been a Godsend to many charitable organisations — including us. You don't need to be a PayPal subscriber or user to donate via PayPal. Instructions for mailing a paper cheque can be found here.

Please note: Our bank account is in the USA. If you are donating from some other place, PayPal will talk to you in US Dollars and will convert your donation to US Dollars before sending it to us.


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